Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Brave Pakistani Blogger shot in the soul

Sadia khan is a brave blogger from Pakistan. She has an amazing story. She wrote about the atrocities of Pakistan ISI. Upon receiving threats she fled to Sri lanka along with her 10 years old sister and mother.
Pakistan ISI contacted the friendly Government of Sri Lanka. They were kept in illegal detention for months.
They were told that on the request of Pakistan ISI (Inter service Intelligence) they will be deported back to Pakistan.
They fled from the detention and for the last 2 years live in hiding.
Sadia and her 12 years old sister rose to the occasion. They started a heavy campaign on the internet to save their life. Though they were registered with UNHCR Colombo yet UNHCR local staff stood by their Government and refused to give them asylum.
Brave Sadia did not give up. She kept writing to UNHCR and other Human Rights organizations.
They went through a hell of troubles. Hiding in Sri Lanka was not an easy job. Sri Lankan Government had confiscated their Passports and all their valuables. It was very hard for this devastated family to find a place to live. Every day they are faced with troubles.
At last a new RSD officer Ilija Todorovic delivered justice to this fateful family. In November 2014 they got asylum.
Unfortunately they still live in Sri Lanka despite a huge threat to their life. Sri Lankan Government has still not returned their Passports. Sadia says Passports are no more a travel document for us. It’s a freedom document and we want it back.
Their safe departure from Sri Lanka is now a test for UNHCR.


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  1. True she is a hero. I just don't understand what is UNHCR waiting for!!?