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Help less martyrdom of Major Abid Majeed, A promo video for Pak army

Originally posted by Sadia Khan

On May 18, 2009 Major Abid Majeed packed with the spirit of Jihad against the love of his generals, prayed to God for success in his mission. He was made responsible for securing the area from Jura to Nazarabad from terrorists
Later when they started thirteen vehicles of the company moved to safety however the last vehicle came under severe and accurate firing by the militants, The driver of the vehicle embraced martyrdom instantly.
According to the ISPR report The forward troops which consisted of 13 companies (set of soldiers) tried to move back and rescue the trapped soldiers but could not, due to constant firing by the militants.Major Abid Majeed and his company was under attack
 May I ask who stopped the on lookers from firing on the militants why they were completely unable to do anything for the Major? Why they did not bother to call for a helicopter rescue. Or even tried to open a volley of fires on the militants to make them flee there is hardly any two sided firing going on in the background, Perhaps, Pak army was short of bullets
 So they satisfied themselves by making this promo video of dying Major. While the major is trying first aid and moving wounded soldiers the rest of the 12 companies just watch there is not even a voice command from them. It definitely represents the scene of target killing of a brave soldier rather than an encounter between militants and army.
While the dying soldier talks to his wounded brother Major Khalid the up loader chooses to remove his original voice while when he reads Quranic verses the volume gets louder as the advertisements on Tv is always louder than the regular programme
According to his brother his last words were “Brother I have to pay so much to so and so, do not forget it. Take care of our mother and under no circumstances leave the job of eliminating the terrorists incomplete. I wish I could march on to the streets of Mingora myself and see it free of all terrorists”.
In the video however Major is quoted to be talking glorifying Pak army and expressing the desire to be martyred while actually he talked about entering in Taliban free Mingora "live and victorious"
While pak army has failed to provide any satisfactory video footage of encounters with militants they still have managed to make the movie of a dying Major, for their own publicity.
 Major is killed in a strange way who so ever was making the video lets him die without any interference but manages to take close shots of the dying major In the end of the video the dying Major calls his brother and we are told by the up loader that the dying Major's brother is also wounded in an encounter with the Taliban the very same time what a coincidence.
The video doesn't run smoothly but is trimmed and cut in between May I ask The ISPR why? What do you have to hide?. Did the dying Major pleaded to be helped. Did he take long time to die which is improper to be filmed and put on air!!!

He had personally volunteered for the mission and was desperate to free Mingora from Taliban.
Such are the soldiers who are sent on difficult and impossible missions and their convoys come under real attacks and accurate firing by the already informed militants. Death of Major Abid Majeed is widely used by Pak Establishment to enhance the tarnished image of the Pak Army
What a Marketing Technique, Get rid of opposition and use the removal for the promotion
May God bless Major Abid Majeed May his soul rest in Peace.

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