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Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudry, Chief Justice of Pakistan

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The National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) was a black law issued by, General Pervez Musharraf, on 5 October 2007. It granted pardon to politicians, political workers and bureaucrats terrorists and criminals who were accused of money laundering embezzlement corruption, murder, and terrorism charges from 1986, to 1999, in Pakistan.
It was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on 16 December 2009.Chief justice was then deposed of his post by R General Musharraf which triggered lawyer movement.People of Pakistan along with a large number of lawyers were out on the road defending Iftikhar Chaudri.  The jaded Pakistanis took him for their savoir very few knew that another conspiracy of the invisible hand is in the offing. The innocent people of Pakistan forgot that he had always been pro militant. In his jurisdiction Terrorists managed to kill scores of innocent Pakistanis yet he never found any evidence credible enough to convict any terrorist.R General hamid Gul  who openly shows his hatred for America ,India and favors Taliban  actively took part in the lawyers movement.Zaid Hamid  the notorious supporter of extremism and a hate speaker who has brained washed our new generation in to hating Indians Americans and all the non-Muslims stood for Iftikhar Chaudri.
Nawaz Shareef and Imran khan the mouth piece of Isi were both right by his side holding rallies Imran Khan even went on a hunger strike in the movement to restore him.
A long march was planned and carried out to restore Mr chief Justice.My source (a lawyer in karachi )told me that billions of rupees were poured in to this movement .He attended a conference which followed by a hightea.Every Lawyer who so ever attended the conference was paid 2000 rupees for only attending the conference.Head lawyers made heartening speeches to portray the lawyers movement as a breakthrough in the history of Pakistan iftikhar chaudry was portrayed as a savior of the judiciary.
 According to him senior lawyers were given bags of money to influence juniors lawyers to come on roads. junior lawyers and many others from different walks of life were not only convinced by a constant effective propaganda but also money came in to play.It was a mix of money and ideology which restored the blind justice in Pakistan. Innocent Pakistanis joined the movement because of the non-stop positive propaganda by Imran khan general Retired Hameed Gul and  blood thirsty Zaid Hamid. They told the people come out on the roads and Pakistan would change once for all.
He was finally restored to his post on March 16, 2009 by Zardari Government.
After his reinstatement he forgot about implementation of canceling the NRO.
The first thing he did after being restored to his post was freeing Master mind of suicide attacks Molana Abdul Aziz  .This was his first gift to the nation many more such gifts were to be followed by.
The Government of Pakistan issued a list of 8041 individuals who benefited from NRO including only 34 politicians.
The Nro list however had some innocent middle class citizens as well like  young short lived journalist  Saleem Shahzad  who lived as a victim of ISI and died as a victom of IS.I In Pakistan the invisible hand makes sure to involve liberals and resistant people in multiple problems including court cases. President Zardari is also one of the NRO beneficiaries.
After his restoration chief justice was a free man to take action against all these 8000 plus high profile terrorists murderers bureaucrats plunderers and tax evaders, but What followed was as usual. No action was ever taken against all these beneficiaries. In Pakistan corrupt and rich get away with all these jokes of issuing orders or cancelling orders against them.
Since 2009 and to date Mr chief justice sees President Asif Zardari as the only Beneficiary of NRO.
All his desire of delivering justice revolves around The elected PM and President of Pakistan. He wants to open cases against Zardari and has been forcing PM Gilani to write a letter to Swiss banks so that his  assets and money can be confiscated, But not to worry about the assets of  darling Nawaz Shareef who received billions on the record, from best friend Osama bin Laden to topple Benazir First Government.
 Chief justice of Pakistan  convicted PM Galini in the contempt of court case in March 2012 .Giving a chance to right wing Politicians like Imran khan and  Shareef brothers  to start revolutionary movements against the elected Government and create more chaos.
President Zardari has already spent a good 11 years of imprisonment for multiple cases. Out of all these cases he was not convicted in any single case. Though the courts were unfriendly to the teeth..
More over who is stopping Mr Chief justice to take action against rest of the 8000 plus plunderers  corrupts and terrorists. Why can't he meanwhile deliver his justice against these 8000 plus beneficiaries? Respect Presidential Immunity wait  for a few months and let Mr zardari and his elected Government complete his term, then he can open the cases against Mr Zardari and jail him for another 11 years for the crimes he has not committed as in the past.
 7 long years have passed he has failed to take any action against all these beneficiaries .They still  enjoy the status of Nro beneficiaries
In 2011 Human Rights Commission Chairperson Asma Jehangir also criticized the Supreme Court’s so called judgement on the NRO and said it appeared to be a decision pronounced by a local ‘Jirga(tribal group)
while Mr Chaudri pokes his nose in to every affair of the state He failed to  condemn the murder of Governor salmaan Taseer, punishing The (murderer) Mumtaz qadri remains a far cry.Lawers of Nawaz league  who  kissed the murderer of Taseer  and garlanded him were the same lawyers who stood for Iftikhar Chaudri during the long March.Governor Taseer was shot dead by his own official guard. who has links with terrorists organizations.Governor Taseer had serious differences with Chief Minister Shahbaz Shareef over the handling of Punjabi Taliban.He openly accused Shareef brothers for supporting terrorists.Later on he opposed the misuse of blasphemy law and referred to its misuse as a black law.Making this an excuse he was removed from the scene.Taseer official security man carried out the job Sprayed bullets on the governor Taseer while the rest of the official security men watched without any resistance  Mumtaz qadri had full assurance that he would remain unharmed at any cost.
Retired chief justice of Lahore High court Khawaja Shareef has wowed to defend Honourable Mr murderer Mumtaz Qadri.Khawaja Shareef was the hand picked Chief justice for Lahore High Court by Chief justice of Pakistan. He is also a family friend of Nawz Shareef.
Keeping in view his(ex CJ Lahore High Court) love for filthy murderer Mumtaz Qadri and his desire to defend him One can imagine how much he must have helped the terrorists when he was the CJ of Lahore high Court.One can only be horrified by thinking what  kind of judgement he must have given when he was in authority to decide cases. How many terrorists, how many murderers how many corrupts he freed and how many innocent liberals he sent to the gallows
Molvi Sufi Muhammad of Swat who wanted to impose sharia law  in swat and later  in Pakistan  declared the courts lawyers and judicial system of Pakistan kufr (unislamic) Chief  justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudri simply failed to even condemned him forget about taking action against him.
Sharif brothers Imran khan and all the religious parties quietly sided with Sufi Mohammad And justified his efforts for turning Pakistan into wahabi state.
A dramatic situation was created in October 2010 when on the basis of assumption and because of Post deposition stress disorder  the Supreme Court directed the government to provide written assurance that he himself along with his choice of judges would not be deposed in future. Well can the future behaviour of any person including honorable Chief justice be predicted & guaranteed!?How could the PM predict the future events and guarantee the continuity of such a sensitive position?
Missing people and in action of The Supreme court
Pakistan notorious and most powerful ISI has killed and kidnapped thousands of liberal innocent Pakistanis. More than
10000 people of Pakistan who were deemed dangerous for the mission of isi to turn Pakistan in to a strict khilifat are taken by ISI openly and covertly.
Pakistan constitution does not allow any secret agency to take people to unidentified locations and detain them yet this is widely and openly practiced Mr Chief Justice iftikhar Chaudri never seriously paid any attention to this serious human rights issue .Missing people continue to be missing And the ISI continue to be operating without being answerable to anyone. Every now and then Chief Justice of Pakistan pays lips service to the issue uses some floral Islamic sympathetic language and gets back to his assigned job of destabilizing the elected Government.
 Christian Burning and inaction of Chief Justice
The brutal attack on Christians in a village near Gojra town on 31st July 2009 was carried out.More than 50 houses were burnt and the people were terrorized on the pretext of desecrating the Holy Quran.
After two days the Christians living in Gojra town were attacked and seven members of a family were burnt alive, two shot dead and their houses were burnt completely no words from chief justice,not to talk of justice.There is enough evidence that the brutal attack was carried out by the  Lashkere Jangvi,But unfortunately a hundred of evidences would not convince the chief justice to take action against these terrorists.

Courts of Pakistan also declared leader of lashkere Jangvi Ishaq a free man though he has blood of thousands of innocent on his hands.
 On Nov. 29, in a clear case of judicial overreach, the Lahore High Court issued an order barring the  president from issuing a pardon to Asaia bibi a Christian poor woman who allegedly committed blasphemy and is sentenced to death.Thus the president was deprived of his constitutional right.This is however not the first time that the judicial head had over-ridden the powers of elected president of Pakistan.It has become a routine.

He would happily send Christian woman Asia bibi to gallows because two teen age girls testified against her that she committed blasphemy but would not consider a hundred evidences credible enough against terrorists  to convict or punish them.
Definitely he has a seal on his eyes and heart and have an ISI stamp in his right hand.
Christian teen raped and murdered

 23 Jan 2010 a Christian 14 year old girl(Sahazia)from Lahore was murdered.She was killed in an act of vile inhumanity. A prominent wealthy lawyer Mohammed Naeem has been accused of the rape and torture and killing of the innocent girl who was working as a cleaner in his home. She was beaten to death There was so much uproar about it in media - but the CJ did not take any action A judje of High court acquitted Naeem Choudry , his wife and son… Why?The lawyer belonged to hard liner right wing group and was an advocate in Supreme Court of Pakistan.
When Iftikhar Chaudri  was newly restored to his post A young pushtoon girl video footage was released being flogged by Taliban
No words came from him For a long time he and his judiciary remained indifferent to this issue When it became the talk of the town only then he rushed to Saudia perhaps to discuss it  with his Royal masters stayed there for a week came back and admonished his judicial team with petulance for not taking an action, lip service was paid to the matter. Followed by no action. 
in Pakistan court cases take quite some time to be decided but when it comes to terrorism the courts deliver very fast the rule of justice hurried justice buried is followed in full spirit terrorists are caught by the police with great difficulties and released by the court immediately.
out of his serious concern over terrorists safety, he has set up a committee under him(his own choice of judjes) to ensure no delays in cases of terrorism.
Terrorists involve in kidnapping arranging suicide attacks target killing and other acts of terrorism are quickly freed so that they can carry on.
Honourable Terrorists also enjoy the facial coverage facility Police is strictly advised to cover the face of any terrorist, while paying visits to the friendly courts.

 Mr,Chief justice! can we please see the  brides of isi...Please!
This facility is however not available to the rest of the criminals they are video taped and photographed from every angle, when arrested and some times we can see a live show of police beating them as well.
Chemistry between Prince Bandar And Chief justice of Pakistan
In December 2010 prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia wrote directly to chief justice of Pakistan about corruption which took place in the Haj operations by the ministry of religious affairs
As a result of that letter Pakistan minister of religious affairs was not only terminated but also his name was included to the exit control list and all his accounts were frozen and in February his arrest warrant were issued. Although he belonged to the ruling PPP but Nawaz Sharif and other pro extremism are powerful enough to force PPP Government  in to doing anything
For a prince of Saudi Arabia to write to the chief justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan directly was unprecedented,  no foreign government or any prince has any  right to do so Pakistan is full of corruption why only one minister was targeted?
Dig a little deeper and take into consideration what happened next.
The letter resulted in the dismissal of the Minister of Religious Affairs Syed Hamid Saeed Kazmi, a nominee of PPP.
According to Hamid Kazmi the deposed religious Minister, the Government of Saudi Arabia was persuading Government of Pakistan to adopt and prescribe Saudi books for Islamic studies. (Extreme form of Islam) for all schools and Madrassas within the private and public sector in Pakistan.
This appears to be the sole reason for dismissal of the minister of Religious Affairs, who is known to be a moderate Muslim who doesn’t believe in extremism. Corruption was an excuse made by the Saudi masters and their Pakistani co conspirators.
 It is to be noted that before this judicial attempt an attempt on his life was also made On September 2, 2009, he was injured in a brazen attack in Islamabad.His driver and guard were killed.
Mr chief justice has already stripped off the president of all the constitutional powers now he pokes his nose in to every matter and gets it unsettled According to the plan Chief Justice of Pakistan would create Intentional problems between judiciary and executive only to prove that this English system of justice has failed in Pakistan and shariat Law should be imposed.
Memo scandal
Pakistan ex Ambassador Hussain Haqani had to resign from his post when An American business man alleged that he was involved in writing a letter to US authorities to help Zardari Government to get rid of the current leadership of security forces (Generals) who widely support terrorism at home and abroad.
Ambassador Haqani was called from Washington and forced to resign. Now supreme court of Pakistan had further sent notifications to him to come back to Pakistan and even his arrest warrant had been issued to Interpol.
The same business man Mansoor Ijaz also revealed that General Shuja Pasha went to Saudi Arabia to discuss how to topple Zardari Government.
If we assume that Mansoor Ijaz was credible then Hussain Haqani and General Shuja Pasha are both equally to be blamed. Yet Supreme court of Pakistan never asked him to resign.He never got involved in any case He comfortably finished his extended term as the Chief of ISI and is now respectfully appointed head of civilian services.
Qamar David was a Pakistani Christian who was accused of Blasphemy law in Karachi 2006. he owned a paint business in which business rivals used this Law against him for personal gains. On 25th February 2010 He was found guilty and  was sentenced to life in prison.  
He was beaten and tortured to death and later pronounced dead due to heart attack but after the postmortem at the Civil Hospitalof Karachi it was confirmed that he was repeatedly beaten by the prison officials
No action from CJ
Christian girl raped and thrown out from 4th floor
On july 13 2010, a Muslim doctor Jabar Memon along with other fellow doctors gang raped a Christian student nurse and threw her from a hospital’s fourth-floor window. It was a miracle that she survived to tell her story.There was also an eye witness who actually saw the girl being thrown by the Doctors.
Till date we have not heard of any punishment awarded to Dr Jabbar Mammon and the fellow rapists.
Old and obsolete methods used by the courts
With the blessing of chief justice and his selected team of terrorist loving  judges and with the benedictions of Generals terrorists manage to get out of the jails scot-free,  a number of terrorists have been released by courts in the recent past –and the practice goes on because Pakistani state including its politicians/legislators, judiciary and security apparatus are still living in old age while terrorists are well-informed thanks to isi
Pakistan judiciary still heavily relies on the “law of human evidence” and accused's confession in a court of law. Telephonic records and other such evidences based on forensic investigations are either not allowed or not considered sufficient to convict an accused terrorists. We all know what happens to the witnesses in such cases - either there are no eyewitnesses, or witnesses are threatened /blackmailed, even killed to keep them silent,
In such circumstances who would stand against terrorism.

CJ Blames the Lambs spares the Hounds
Chief justice of Pakistan took a so called souomoto notice of Karachi killing in the mid of 2011.He sat shamelessly besides Rangers Head General Chaudri Ijaz.Mr Cj issued orders of his termination after the video of Sarfaraz Shah killing got public. Mr chief Justice was widely praised for his action against Chaudri Ijaz later he(Ijaz Chaudri) quietly got back to his position and set next to him while discussing Karachi unrest.
After the proceeding he did not convict any terrorist despite loads of evidence against them
One of the target killer against whom there was loads of evidences who confessed of killing 100 people in Karachi was declared a free man by the blind chief justice of Pakistan.
In his final proceedings he declared that Liberal political parties like PPP, ANP And MQM  have militant wings and were responsible for the violence in Karachi.Mr Nawaz Shareef took this opportunity to put his demand of banning these parties from participating in the next elections.
Mr chief Justice declared these liberal parties as having militant wings, and forgot to mention hard line Islamic parties which are real terrorist parties and openly support terrorism.
Another food for thought is Liberal parties like Anp MQM and PPP have lost 1000s of their workers and leaders including  former Pm Benazir,Governor Punjab Salman Taseer Minister for minorities Shahbaz Bhati etc at the hands of terrorists.
On the other hand terrorists have never killed any politician, worker or leader from Imran Khan's party. No terrorists has ever attacked anyone from Nawaz Shareef party no explosions in Jamate Islami party.
This chemistry between hard line parties and terrorists Is self-explanatory and shows clearly that who has militant wings and who is being attacked. But our chief Justice is blind.
Now a days he is busy finalizing a plan in which he would play some judicial role to topple the government of Zardari.Mr justice would be retired in 2013 he just can't wait to change the political land scape of Pakistan.
 This is the on line opinion pole conducted by express tribune news paper in August 2011

 A US report claims that Pakistan is incapable of prosecuting terrorists. Do you agree or disagree?
  • Agree (78%, 274 Votes)
  • Disagree (22%, 79 Votes)
Total Voters: 353

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