Friday, June 27, 2014

Pakistan ISI transfers wealth to Militants

Originally posted by Sadia Khan
Since last few years bank robberies have become very common in Pakistan . Well trained robbers march into the bank kill the security guard or any police personnel upon arrival take all the cash and even sometimes torture people present there without any apparent reason. Very professionally they take out the CC TV camera and march out from the bank.

Considering their skills, professionalism and fearlessness they look more al-Qaida terrorists then simple robbers. Their boldness and lack of fear speaks loudly that isi benedictions are with them.

Perhaps you will be surprised that a big mosque in Karachi has already issued a religious decree that the poor people(meaning terrorists) can steal and conduct robberies in a country like Pakistan where infidels and corrupts are holding power.

When Benazir was assassinated terrorists were put on high alert and standby. A high profile target killing is coming up they were informed Who was the target and how it would be carried out was not the business of the foot terrorist. They were unaware of the victim but ready to do what they were told.  As soon as they got the good news they  attacked all over Pakistan within minutes after her assassination and made as much money as possible.
That was a win win situation for the terrorists and the powerful hand behind them .They got rid of the main opposition and every one thought that lovers of PPP Benazir party have attacked all over Pakistan in anger.This is called killing two birds with one stone.

 Exactly that time when Benazir was assassinated I was in Gizri area of Karachi.suddenly shopkeepers  started closing the shops All over I heard shutters being pulled, passers byes and the vehicles rushed to leave 
 I saw a crowd of men who were visibly jubilant they were laughing and at the same time throwing stones and burning vehicles they ran towards my speeding car and all they could manage was a volley of big bricks a very big stone hit my wind screen I was frightened to death.I had a last glance they looked extremely happy.

Such were the people who attacked all over Pakistan a large number of banks and shops were looted many innocent citizens were deprived of their belongings some of their life, in addition vehicles and buildings were set on fire.When all this was happening the law enforcement authorities were no where to be seen.

Two days later Mr president General Mushraf  spoke on TV, his historic words were
“We did not interfere with them intentionally we gave a free hand to the people to take out their anger
By announcing this he simply meant those who burned the buildings looted shops and banks were from PPP and since they were angry over the death of Benazir so the law enforcing authorities allowed them to loot Pakistan.
This is how isi funds the terrorists Empowers the filthy beards financially weaken the liberals and shifts the blame to opposition.

Now there is a wide spread acknowledgement that those who are looting banks and shops asking for extortion money kidnapping for ransom are from militant organizations.
isi has unleashed them on common peaceful liberal people to change the setup of Pakistan.In tomorrow's Pakistan they want the terrorists to be well off and in full command of common people. They are slowly and steadily shifting the wealth of liberals to their strategic assets.
I read  an article in Ummat daily dated January/ 9/ 2011 which displays the religious decree of a big mosque Jamia e Binoria which is known to have produced many high profile terrorists signed by the Religious heads of the mosque. In this fatwa they clearly state that poor Muslims can rob and steal when the infidels and the corrupts are holding power.

According to another article in a urdu daily (Ummat) police has enough evidence that banned militant organizations are carrying out bank robberies and extortion all over Pakistan specially in Karachi.

According to Ummat daily in Karachi organized militant groups are taking extortion money and ransom money for kidnapping. In June 2012 they kidnapped 20 business men who were later killed. A large number of business men were kidnapped and released after the payment of millions of Dollars. kidnappers operate in broad day light and take along with them their desired men without any fear.

Poor rich business men have taken their own precautionary measures they have removed the sign boards from their offices/shops. They have stopped giving visiting cards. They have removed the land line phones. They have gone to the extent of changing their names and use fake names but to no avail…The kidnappers come and take the right man they call the right phone and know the details and names of the family members. They know exactly who they have taken who he has at home and how much he has in the bank.
Everyone in Pakistan knows that only ISI has access to all such sensitive and personal information.
ISI has taken up the task of transferring the wealth of common citizens to militants so that in future Pakistan when ISI wants to carry out GHAZWAA E HIND with India enslaved Pakistanis will have only one opportunity to fill up their stomach ….Through Jihad
All this extortion, robberies and looting is going on by the militants with the permission of mullah military and judiciary.

Prophet Mohammad pbuh prediction was true that in the last days a group of so called Muslims would emerge that will apparently look extremely religious they would kill and rob Muslims and call them kafir.They will belong to the group of Antichrist (Dajaal)

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