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Why Malala was sent to UK all by herself

Originally posted by: Sadia Khan


Malala 14, a Pakistani child activist was shot in the neck on October 9, while on her way back to home in a school van. As a usual routine, the two attackers had all the chances to flee, and a large number of innocent liberal citizens were rounded up, After all! The world should know that Pakistan security forces and their subservient police forces are making an effort to arrest the attackers.
MR. Interior Minister has already announced a large bounty, who so ever will give any information about the assailants, will get it, but Pakistanis know very well that Pak ISI most deserves this prize. They know all the target killers as much as they know their sons and Of course now Pakistanis will never go for such adventures, never for such bounties, after all every one knows about the huge bounty given to DR,Shakeel Afridi.
Ever since Malala was attacked, Pakistan Army jumped in to the scene. All we saw was an Army promotion show. Civilian authorities were nowhere to be seen, as if they do not exist.
-She was taken to the Saido Shareef Hospital by the Khakies, Airlifted by the khakis.

-We got initial updates about her health by an isi   spoke person
-she was treated in a military hospital in Peshawar
 -later transferred to Rawalpindi military hospital
 -treated by Doctors wearing army uniform.
 Last but not the least in the video footage handed out by the military she was finally wheeled out on a stretcher to an ambulance to be sent to UK, Again hardly any people to be seen around!!! Just the khakis!,Not even a  sign of her parents!!! Good for her that she was sound asleep, for she was shot by the militants and now was surrounded by Military; people who have witnessed Pak military oppressions know that there is a thin line between militants and military!! –The UNIFORM!!-

While she was getting transferred from the Rawalpindi military hospital for UK she was wrapped in a white long cloth (used as a head cover in less developed areas in Pakistan) which had a design of little holes in it.

 Some of this cover was covering a part of her face as well, Very near to the wound in her neck. I wonder the military hospital was short of regular sterilized white sheets or they just wanted her to have a conservative look. Thank God they did not wrap her in a Burqa to add little more traditional and conservative look.
Ever since she was shot it was the desire of all the Pakistanis who have the qualities of heart and mind that she should be sent abroad for the treatment,BUT I had another secret concern!! -will she be sent abroad for further treatment along with her full set of family which consists of her father Zia u Din her mother and all her siblings!!?
My experience warned me they won't! They will never do it, but I hoped otherwise.
 To my utter relief after a week on the morning of October 16th I read the news that Malala has left for Uk. I quickly started searching the net to check weather all her family has left with her, or some are being held hostage to keep their mouth shut.
 In the beginning, Pakistan Media just assumed that she left with her parents, and with her young siblings, after all it makes sense! But unfortunately in Pakistan everything does not make sense. Soon I came to know that the 14 year old victim was sent to UK all by herself. Mr. David Rosser Director of Queen Elizbeth hospital Birmingham said very clearly that she is not accompanied by her family. In another statement he further said that,

"Miss Yousafzai is not accompanied by her parents they are coming and I don’t know when!? It's being dealt with"

This statement of Dr. David Rosser shows clearly that they fully realize that a terrified Malala  who continuously received threats from terrorists and was finally shot by one, should not find herself alone when she comes in to her senses.
Malala has lived in fear for years. She always feared that Taliban will kill her or throw acid on her face. She lived in Mingora where killing and beheading was every day's business.

The Khoni Chok the slaughter round about was near her home and she always feared that her father who was on the hit list of Taliban would be dragged there to be slaughtered. She used to make innocent plans of hiding her father, such as she will hide him in a cupboard.

When the killing was going on in swat in the name of bringing Islamic rule to the country her father often spent nights outside home. Malala was very sensitive and she was very concerned about the safety of her father.
 Once she was asked how she felt when her father was not home at night. She choked and covered her face with her hands and was unable to talk about the pain she had been through.
Pak ISI has long used this technique of barring those from leaving the country who stand against them. Their ECL (exit control list) is always ready to take the names of those who would expose them if they get the opportunity to leave the country.

Pak exit control list has all the names it should not have, and it does not have all the names it should have.

Unfortunately There is hardly any terrorist on exit control list they travel freely without any check they are invisible to the ISI led authorities they always remain unidentified.
 Last year a rather funny situation occurred when there were serious differences between the Army chief and president Zardari over the issue of a so called Memo written to US authorities. Some hard liners came up with the suggestion that president Zardar's name should be put on the Exit control list.

 HA ! Hello Pakistan! Name of the elected head of the state on ECL where are we going? What else can be more pathetic than this!?

This is not all Pak ISI also uses family members as human shield. One can run and hide from them but what would happen to the loved ones? They would soon disappear or would be targeted killed. When Braham Dagh Bughti fled from Pakistan His sister and his niece a12 year old were sprayed with bullets, by the assigned target killers. There are hundreds missing people in Pakistan officially, and thousands missing actually. They are openly and sometimes secretly picked up by the Isi run security forces. Chief justice of Pakistan is Kind enough to pay lip services to these appalling human rights violations.
I read about a statement of an Army brigadier in Nation daily dated   Oct 16"Malala's family has been taken in to  the protective custody her parents will leave to Uk and her two younger brothers aged 7 and 10 will stay behind".
In another newspaper I read that Malala's family has been shifted to undisclosed location .close relatives are not in touch with them at all. No connections their cells are off.
UN chief Bankimoon wrote to Zia u din Malalas father but there is no mention of Zia u Din answering him back. I wonder whether some ISI personnel will now answer all those who have written to Malala s father on behalf of him, thanking them and praising the efforts of Pak Army.
I have a question Did we get freedom from Briton only to be enslaved by Pak Army!!?
Filthy beards right wingers have already started saying why the secular Pakistanis don’t worry about the injured and killed children in drone attacks.
My answer is we definitely mourn every innocent death but the problem is, all the terrorists especially high profile terrorists love to be surrounded by someone they most disrespect!!  -WOMEN-
Even their God father Osama Bin Laden whom we expected to be living in a cave in North Waziristan was living with his multiple wives with loads of children when he was killed. I can only request the Honorable terrorists to stay away from women and children when they are fighting their horrible cause and should not use their families as human shield.
I also request all those around the world who can make things happen to make sure on humanitarian grounds that Malala's complete family leaves to UK. Let's make sure that when the terror stricken girl wakes up in the hospital, she finds her family by her bed side.
The absence of her family would definitely make her tiny heart tremble with fear thinking that she has lost them.

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