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Raymond Davis double murder in Pakistan

Originally written by Sadia Khan

On January 27, 2011, Raymond Davis killed two reportedly armed men named Fahim and Faizan in Lahore who were chasing him.Later when he was fleeing from the scene. He was chased by the police he made a desperate call to the American Embassy to save him. A jeep from the embassy with security staff came rushing to the scene for the rescue and killed another innocent passerby named Abdul rahman. Raymond Davis was however captured by the police.

Raymond Davis was  was bold but uninformed of the threat he was facing isi was openly helping him and covertly traping him.They had a plan to kidnap him and repeat Danial Perl story he reacted, the plan failed but turned into a biter one to teach a lesson to America to keep their nationals away from Pakistan and not to interfere and disturb the terrorism leading activities of pak army and isi
Govt of Pakistan has little role to play in foreign affairs judiciary headed by chief injustice of Pakistan would decide  as told by the army, and had already declared that he won’t be granted immunity. Judiciary in Pakistan is free as long as it is pro extremism and anti-American.
Davis of course did not kill to please himself and moreover he would definitely not want to be exposed in Pakistan. It was in self-defense those two who got killed were armed and were from Isi out to trap him.
Pak isi has taken full advantage of this occasion and has worked hard to depict Davis as a devil by the media every day one isi official on the condition of anonymity  and even openly gives some statement about the status of Raymond and let Pakistanis believe that Americans are supporting terrorism in Pakistan to destabilize this nuclear armed Islamic country
According to ummat newspaper Raymond from xe was on a CIA assigned mission to develop friendly relationship with militant organizations he wanted to smuggle some nukes to America And was in touch with Alqaida so that an American city could have been attacked to give a chance to America to confiscate Pakistan nukes.
According to other media reports he was organizing suicide attacks in Pakistan
Yet some other reports show that he was on a mission to expend drone attacks in Pakistan
Another propaganda turned usually peaceful shias  population population against America when it was told that Reymond Davis had numbers of LEJ activists on his cell and was involve in sectarian violence activities. 

Although two people who got killed were armed yet they are called innocent Pakistanis and why these innocent Pakistanis were armed has never been questioned but, Davis was armed was a matter of great concern.
There was another propaganda in the media that Davis shot ten bullets on the fleeing men in their backs giving an impression that it was not an act of self-defense …of course these extra bullets were poured into the dead bodies by the isi after the death, and there is not a single Pakistani doctor who would dare to contradict with isi in the autopsy report.
In the past naïve doctors like Dr Baqir Shah have done so and have been respectfully targeted killed.

Victim of ISI Shamaila in the hospital with an unknown attendant who later disappeared.

Suicide of shamaila(widow of Fahim who got killed by Davis) was very sad but there is quite a story behind it .she was immediately contacted by isi and reassured that she would be helped financially by them and that there is a threat to her life by the  Americans and that govt of Pakistan would release Raymond Davis under pressure of America so she must act like she has tried to commit suicide and get admitted to the hospital. Where they would spread the news that she has narrowly escaped death thus force the govt to cancel the plan of releasing Raymond Davis …
 she was brought to the hospital after recording her statements that she wanted the murderer of her husband to be hanged and that she doesn’t want to be paid by the Americans after this she was actually poisoned to death .In the hospital for the 1st 5 hours when she was brought to the hospital she remained in the general ward.the first 5 hours were more critical if she really took poison  later she was taken to ICU immediate relatives were  not allowed to even see her she was attended by an unknown lady.though shamaila was long dead yet  the news of her death was held and was  released at a very sensitive time where negotiations between pak govt and American authorities were taking place, to excuse themselves under the pretext that Pakistani nation is devasted by the suicide of Fahim widow and would extremely over react if he is freed.
she was not allowed to be buried beside her husband despite the earnest desire of the family ,her dead body was taken by the police to the village and was buried in an unidentified un marked grave ….ostensibly  to avoid some autopsy request which might come from America and can prove that it was not a suicide but a murder.
The house of shamaila fahim was heavily guarded so that the family should not be approached by Americans and news in the media  circulated that black water operatives are out there to harm the family. And the family is receiving threats from them and the family is in police protection.
Later isi played another card by bringing the 2nd pregnent widow  on TV and by letting her pronounce her plans of committing suicide  if Raymond Davis is freed., making the case of Pakistan Govt stronger that people would become furious if he is released and if  there is another suicide.She was allowed to live for some times for another year  on 

They did not stop at this few days later news circulated in the media that
shamaila uncle is receiving threats from unknown people who are probably from black water.
here is an excerpt from nation daily(“Shumaila’s uncle forced to take poisonous pills”, The Nation)
" The brother of Muhammad Sarwar(Shamila’ uncle) told The Nation that three armed men forced their entry into the house after breaking the windowpane of one of the rooms. When they broke the glass, Muhammad Sarwar came out. They started beating him up.
The other family members, including women and children, coming out for his rescue, were taken hostage and beaten up. The three outlaws then took everyone hostage at gunpoint and forced poisonous pills down Sarwar’s throat.” 
Good show, Hillary. We’re all about the rule of law in the good old USA.
But why all the intrigue and arm-twisting?"
Now you can find out that ISI conducts real shows to malign opposition
 Then according to the media American poisoned him he was taken to the hospital in a critical condition where his life was saved. He remained in the hospital for two days and during these two days this news got a lot of coverage on all the channels creating loads of hatred for Americans.
Arranging suicides is not a big deal for isi its everyday business.
Us Govt covertly made suspicious attempts to free him but failed to satisfy Pak nation that it was an act purely  in self-defense .they   failed to  show a mirror to Pakistani nation that In a country like Pakistan where thousands of people have been killed in road robberies and hundreds have been targeted killed including Salman Taseer Governor of Punjab and shahbaz bahati minorities minister where PPP minister Sharin Rahman current Ambassador to USA is told by the authorities to go underground because she has a life threat from militants where Daniel Perl got slaughtered and his killers are still un harmed where Private schools are told by the govt to arrange for their own security where every day  chopped body bags of innocent people are received where police is openly targeted where govt takes no responsibility for targeted kidnapping where  isi operatives American blood thirsty terrorists are everywhere and where well to do Pakistanis carry arms and guards openly for their protection was Raymond Davis supposed to be un armed.
Even if he was spying on militants that was the job of our intelligence he came from far away to do their job.
The saddest part of the story is the death of the pedestrians American must pay more blood money to his family.
 Apparently he got killed due to the carelessness of the driver who came to rescue Raymond but it was not really carelessness it was a sense of being at his own and no hope of justice from the guest country, which led to this fateful death.

Later on when Raymond Davis was freed a rally was held by Imran khan and general Hameed Gul in the protest. shamaila’s mother was also in the rally to propagate against America the poor half mad  woman told the reporters that her daughter did not commit suicide but was poisoned killed by the Americans. Definitely she had no mental abilities to connect the dots to isi all she could think was Americans were threatened by her daughter and killed her.

2nd widow killed after a year.

On 30th April 2012 the 2nd widow along with her mother was found shot dead. 

Police has quickly put the blame of the double murder On the poor old father who took good care of the family for the last 30 years.
Now he is missing!? for sure never to be found again

Poor 2nd widow Zohara Faizan  who accepted the blood money from America against the wish of the secret agency.  
Perhaps after one year of   her husband murder  Zohara  had  more information about what really happened before and after the death of her husband. So it was wiser to silent her.

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