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The tacit General  who is thought to be a nonpolitical General is in fact more dangerous than his predecessor retired general Musharraf. 
 Kayani has served as the (DGMO) from December 2000 to September 2003. It was during his tenure as DGMO that the intense military standoff of 2001-2002 between Pakistan and India took place
In October 2004, Ashfaq Kayani was made the director general of (ISI),  Kayani led  ISI period is disappointing and bleak, with infighting in North-West Pakistan and Balochistan Abdul Qadeer Khan's nuclear proliferation scandal, and wave of suicide attacks  throughout pakistan.

Kayani was also present at the March 2007 meeting that took place between Musharraf and Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, when the notorious chief justice  was suspended. Kayani was the only one among Musharraf’s aides that did not speak a word and he was the only one who did not file a reference against justice iftikhar Chaudry knowing that how important he would be in days to come.

General Ashfaq Pervez kiyani was the DG Isi when former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in December 2007.
According to the Un report this could have been avoided easily if Pakistan security establishment was serious. Instead of providing security to Benazir Bhutto she was repeatedly told that her life was in danger. she was not provided with bullet proof vehicle. She was forced to remove the tinted glasses of her vehicle. she was barred from using trained bodyguards from other countries. Soon after her assassination instead of cordoning off the area her blood was washed thoroughly and the whole area was cleaned by the powerful water pipes leaving no traces of evidence
According to the UN commission report It was very hard to access top military and intelligence officials. They did not cooperate during the investigations. It hampered their investigations.

 In 2008 when he newly became the Chief of army staff (COAS) General Ameer Alvi who had differences with Generl Musharaf  wrote an urgent  letter to him  stating that he had enough evidence and proof that  some high ranking military officers were involved in terrorism supporting  activities and that his life was in danger from those army Generals.

He wanted an immediate action from him. An immediate action was taken, but not to save his life but to take his life.  General Ameer Alvi was killed and silenced for ever by a target killer.

According to Confidential NATO reports and US intelligence reports in 2008 there was continuous ISI support for Taliban. As head of the ISI from 2004–2007, Gen. Kayani presided over Taliban training camps in Balochistan and provided over 2,000 rocket-propelled grenades and 400,000 rounds of ammunition. In 2008, US intelligence intercepted Kayani’s description of senior insurgent leader, Maulavi Jalaluddin Haqqani, as a “strategic asset” .

The rise of Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani through the ranks of the Pakistani military has been very rapid. The current setup of army which was introduced by Zia ul Haq promotes right wing  Generals swiftly and retards the promotion of liberal and moderate Generals.

In Pakistan decisions are taken by military and announced by civilian government.
Working Pakistan had already gone to sleep at 10:45 pm (PST) when Prime Minister Gilani appeared on TV making special announcement. He looked puzzled  His usual necktie was missing and his rarely used prescription glasses were uncomfortably placed half way down the bridge of his nose. Perhaps he did not get time to wear contact lances, he haltingly read from a paper reading one paragraph again and again” it appeared that the script was handed to him shortly before going on air and he had no time to read it. , He started his speech with my dear country men instead of his usual start my dear brothers and sisters. He announced to the sleeping nation that General kiani serving term has been extended by the elected government.

On Jan 31, 2013 Friendly Pak court dismissed a petition challenging Gen Ashfaaq Kayani's extension without giving any substantial reason.

Col (retired) Inamur Rahim, has challenged the legality of the extension granted to Kayani in 2010 as well as in 2011

Under the Army Act, a person could not stay in uniform after he turned 60. Also there is no provision in the Army Act under which an extension of a full tenure can be given to any person.

Rahim has raised the point that Kayani can no longer hold the post of army chief as he had reached the age of retirement (60 years) on April 20 last year.

Shortly after Rahim filed his petition, he was attacked by unidentified men in Rawalpindi. He accused the Military Intelligence for the assault, saying it as an attempt to dissuade him from pursuing the case. 
Again the wishes of military judiciary and militants coincide.

He was the top general of Pakistan the Head of armed forces when the The General Head Quarter  of army was attacked.
An unidentified caller, claiming himself to be the spokesman of the group, telephoned a private TV channel after the attack and threatened to continue such attacks till all the US bases are closed, Black water security firm is sent packing from Pakistan and offices of all foreign NGOs are closed down How strange!!
Everyone knew that these were all the wishes of ISI head Shuja Pasha and General kiani himself. One wonders how the demands of Pak army and the demands of terrorists always coincide.
According to reports, Punjab I.G. Police had alerted the security agencies and the army in his secret report on July 15 that TTP was planning attacks at the GHQ and that the terrorists would be in the guise of military personnel wearing uniforms.
This is preposterous to believe that despite this warning the GHQ was successfully attacked. Actually this is all a pack of white lies that the terrorists would dare attack their well-wishers.  GHQ can only be attacked when the Generals sit together and decide that this show should be aired.
 Being a Pakistani I know that in a common military residential area It’s impossible for a common citizen to enter, without being checked at at least 4 or five check posts. And some of the military areas are simply forbidden for civilians to enter. Foreigners can believe on such stories but not a single Pakistani would ever believe that terrorists can attack Military compounds and attack on GHQ is a big joke, a staged drama.

It was Gen Kiani who was responsible for the investigation into attempts to assassinate President Musharraf in December 2003
In his book, In the Line of Fire, President Musharraf writes how the investigations into the attacks initially ran into problem. “But these disappeared when I appointed Kiani in charge of investigations,” the president wrote.

We know  the pathetic outcome of those investigations was, One innocent very low level soldier was hanged as if he was the biggest planner and the executor of such a high profile attack. Also few teens were jailed.
In that particular attack very high level military material was used and such kind of high level planning and sophisticated execution of the attack was not at all possible without the help of top higher authorities in the army.
The attack was definitely pre planned to send a message to the world that General Musharraf was the best friend of America and the worse enemy of Taliban. And poor guy had a threat to his life.
 Actually he and his investigating general both were important political players of Islam.
These Generals have as much threat from Taliban as a father has from his baby or a shepherd has from his sheep.

Once after the death of Osama bin laden the tacit general spoke of the sacrifices made by the army in the war against terror. He said we have lost soldiers we have lost generals He was about to take their names when he stopped himself , fearing the youth would google it out and know how General Faisal Alvi was killed. How the Shia General mushtaq Baig was killed …so he kept quiet .
Un like General Pervez Mushraf The tacit  General kiani always chooses not to go into details so the militant  inside him remains unexposed.

General Kayani choice of General Pasha  was equally disastrous for Pakistan. General kiyani has always delayed and sometimes denied the oppression against Haqani Taliban. Under the pretext that these Taliban do not pose a threat to Pakistan, So does it mean that the terrorists from all over the world can be settled in Pakistan and they will be allowed to bleed other nations as long as they don’t attack Pakistan…definitely it’s shameful that Pak Generals take all the terrorists for strategic assets.
General Kiani has Always unleashed his security forces on the poor tribes of Pushtoons they have created a havoc a genocide of Pushtoons in Kp province a genocide of native Karachiets in karachi and killed and kidnapped thousands of balochs in Balochistan.

Kiyani has always turned down the demand of common Pakistanis that army should provide them security instead of security forces against militants.

Why Pak army Jawans are not given the task of uprooting terrorists,there are two concrete reasons  no 1 Pak generals do not want to take any responsibility for internal security threat they think they are only hired to fight India. 2nd reason is Pak generals know very well that come what may Pak army young men would not go down to the abysmal level  of Pak security forces, who kill innocent and help the militants-never-

So very wisely they choose security forces who has more authority and less accountability.
In the eyes of the world these security forces are fighting Taliban while the bleeding truth is that they are killing those pushtoons who rise against Taliban.
They are there to protect Taliban and remove any resistance against them. Pakistan army has barred the media from there or else it would not remain a secret.
With the benediction of General Kiani we have a whole set of ruling generals who are as maligned as himself.
Since he has become the chief General of armed forces he has promoted right wing Army officers and Generals and bypassed the moderate army officers. He has promoted them directly from brigader level to colonel level bypassing one whole rank and even above. Those who really deserved promotion are left behind with their seniority ignored and their sin untold.
He confers upon some army officials high medals for bravery and good performance without letting the nation know their hidden performances and the details of their unknown acts of bravery.

When promotions are made in army the chief justice of Pakistan remains silent and when promotions were made in beurocrates chief justice interfered and relegated them. Why?
Judges who took oath under PCO are under fire army generals who did the same are untouched no one from Supreme Court has any objection on them.

General Kayani is on record to say that when the Pakistan army goes to war against India, it is the Taliban that would protect the flanks of the army.

After the death of Osama bin laden Pak nation was extremely angry over the fact that Osama was allowed to live in Pakistan in between three Military compounds. Pak Generals very smartly decoded this anger as anger against America and propagated that Pakistanis were very angry over this attack on Bin Laden Compound.
In the after math of Nato and US embassy attack in 2011 in Kabul there was immense pressure on Pak army to take action against Haqani Taliban or they be allowed to mitigate them General Kiani stood against both the actions.

Later Mr kiyani bypassing the elected parliament opted to call all party conference. Before the conference started we could see only one person who was writing that was general Kiani definitely he was the ultimate authority the decision maker. It was presided by the prime minister and perhaps he read the script given to him by Pak army general. President Zardari however did not attend the all part conference.
Pak foreign minister MS Hina Rabani Khar was led to be seated with a big turbaned bearded man the hidden message to the west was our liberal politicians like foreign minister Hina Rabani khar can very well adjust with Taliban looking men. The conference was an awkward show of unity and all the militant Islamic parties heads were there. It was an open effort to derail the supremacy of the elected parliament. 
What was the outcome of the conference?
We will save the terrorists at any cost, was the message out of all party conference. Who would dare oppose Mr kiyani And General Shuja Pasha. Human rights activist Asma Jahangir called the resolution of all party conference a piece of toilet paper. She said there is no transfer of power to the civilian Government and the army Generals remain in command.

Later General kiani very wisely chose tehsil Bara Mola  to launch his oppression the reason behind was to arrange an alternative for Haqani. In one go scores of Taliban resistant Pushtoons were killed  and named Taliban.The residents were given an immediate notice to empty the area so that Haqani could be adjusted just in case…..
The poor residents who were forced to leave were not provided any alternative to live pak army was not even considerate enough to provide them with tents.
I met a laborer in Karachi  he told me he fled from tehsil Bara Mola when the oppression was started. He had dusty hair dusty face and dusty cloths, he told me all the atrocities of Pak security forces. He said it’s not the Taliban we fear its Pakistani Punjabi security forces who just stand by the Taliban and shoot us.a 

General Kiani appointed General Asif Yassen in charge of south Waziristan oppressions. In an interview on TV he said “
we have almost cleared all the areas (in south Waziristan) only Mamoons tribe is putting résistance”.
It’s clear from his own statement that Pak security forces are not killing Taliban in South Waziristan but Those pushtoons who stand against Taliban.
Mamoons are famous for their résistance against Taliban it was because of their résistance that 40 children of their tribe were kidnapped to teach a lesson to Mamoons for resisting Taliban their fate still unknown.they were kidnapped to punish the elders of Mamoon tribe for their unstoppable resistance against Taliban.
General Kiyani always threatens America that he will remove his forces from AfPak border and would deploy them on the border between India and Pakistan.
If only Americans had some true sense of ongoing war they would happily let him do so and the world will see that without the help of Pak security forces Taliban are harmless insects.
General Kiyani has always used our neighbor India as a scare crow. Terrorists have killed 40000 innocent Pakistanis. Is it not the responsibility of Pakistan army to provide us with security against internal threat or are they only hired to fight with India.
While Karachi and Baluchistan bleed,Pak general has always refused to deploy Jawans of Army to provide security to the bleeding nation. He always prefers security forces. Current history is a proof that security forces are helping militants and killing innocent resistant citizens. Whenever security forces are deployed in an area the security situation jumps to worse. The Jihadi Generals refused to deploy army soldiers as they know that the educated jawans of army would not go down to the level of barbaric security forces of Pakistan. Pak Generals do not accept any responsibility of army in failing to provide security to Pak nation. Terrorists operate openly they kill kidnap destroy but are never caught as if Pak army does not exist.
Few soldiers got killed in Salala Mr Ashfaq Pervaz Kiani anger was sky rocketing. 40000 Pakistanis killed at the hands of terrorists, are very proudly refered to as sacrifices.
 May I know whether they wanted to be sacrificed or they were sacrificed? There is a world of difference between offering a sacrifice and being sacrificed what kind of sacrifices??? out of all those killed no one wanted to be killed in a suicide attack or in a target killing. Why are they called sacrifices?
Does it simply mean that they were killed to be represented as the sacrifices of Pak nation?

Pakistani nation will soon take a sigh of relief as the extended term of General kiyani will soon be over in 2013 but will it really be over? In Pakistan anything is possible.

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