Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sufferings of Pakistani Police forces

By: Sadia Khan

There have been hundreds of militant attacks on Pak police in which thousands of policemen have died.

There are loads of video clips available in which Taliban behead and shoot police men. There are no videos of army personnel being actually killed by Taliban not even one.

Police of Pakistan is under heavy attacks by the unleashed militants of Pak army for many reasons one of the reasons is that whenever police is attacked the outside world takes it for an attack on the security forces western countries are unaware of the divide between army and the police in Pakistan and the other Muslim countries Whenever police is attacked by the militants it gives an impression to the west that Poor Pakistan is suffering at the hands of the militants and that this state must be helped in the fight against militancy most of the time when Pakistan army is counting on the dead personal they combine the fatalities of army and the police together to overplay the sacrifices of the army and to downplay the sacrifices of the police.

The truth is that thousands of innocent policemen have lost their lives at the brutal hands of army trained militants while as fatalities in army is a lie, yes army personnel have lost their lives but most of them died fighting along with Taliban’s not against them .Yet some liberal army personnel are also killed by isi and added to the long list of sacrifices of Pakistan.

The 2nd reason why police is heavily targeted by the militants is because Pak army and the other religious extremists are bent upon transforming the state of Pakistan in to khilafat (Islamic emarates) their role model is Saudi .In saudia religious police named Mutawas are in full control of the state they are unleashed by the royals on unarmed innocent citizens these religious police carries out all the duties of the police men as well as interfering with the personnel lives of the people .these fanatics  march in the streets on the roads and everywhere making the lives of moderate people a hell and making things as easy as piece of cake for terrorists. Pakistani generals dare to dream the same system where there will be no need for the current police set up but Taliban’s would march in the streets to stop people from doing bad things and promote virtue

West should know that there is a world of difference between police and army of Pakistan.police is poor but not infected with terrorism as our army is.There is corruption  because the deliberately kept  corrupt systems of Pakistan leaves it with no choice .

Pak  police gets a very low salary which is not even  enough for a healthy diet, our traffic police looks in rags you should see a Pakistani policeman standing on a traffic signal controlling heavy traffic in scorching heat with clouds of smoke on his face working 12 hours. They look so poor that I have deliberately made mistakes to offer them bribe, with poverty leaking from their dusty faces these gentlemen still hesitantly manage to refuse me with a humble smile and tell me to drive carefully in future.

Talking about militant attacks, , one of the main state institutions under attack is the police. Police training schools and camps and police checkpoints have been the most frequent targets of militant attacks.

In one of the attack the terrorists accompanying the suicide bomber apparently wanted to penetrate the well-protected ISI building. At least, four men with rifles first stepped out of the car and opened fire on security guards deployed outside the agency building. As the security personnel offered tough resistance by returning the fire, the attackers threw a hand grenade then; the car bomber suddenly changed his direction and rammed his vehicle into the Rescue 15 police office hardly a few yards away. Killing scores of police men

This kind of machinations lead people to think that the real target was isi but the militants satisfied themselves by attacking the police as the attack on isi was a bit harder.

 Pak police is deprived of good training and deprived of defensive equipment.. Thanks to ISI Pak Taliban are ways well trained and well equipped then the valiant Police of Pakistan. In any security set up  the police personnel are made to stand before the military personnel. Yet, it is the military, which is provided all the defensive equipment.

At the same time, the military forces  on the police resources to provide security to the military officials and the sites so that they can bear the first brunt of a so called militants attacks on army.  However in fighting the militancy, the military is controlling resources . Police has the responsibility and the army has the authority.

 issues like control over data sources, such as mobile networks or Nadra, is kept under the control of the military, with police personnel having to access to it any such information should be via military agencies.

According to the police when they are investigating a crime they are not provided with any technical support they have no approach to national data restoration authority (NADRA)They have no access to phone and mobile records
 It is very difficult to secure official evidence gathered on each of the attacks. There is also reluctance on the part of the civilian government to share the real facts because of the fear of isi.
 There is no law in the country which can force them to do so This is of course a highly unfair distribution of responsibility and authority between the two.

 As the milancy has grown, it should be the institution of the police that should be strengthened to cope with it. However,  military has , ensured that most aid coming for fighting militancy is channeled to the military. . The police personnel are being exposed to exceptionally high levels of risks without being adequately trained or equipped by the Pakistani or Western governments.

 The access to information on militant attacks becomes even more difficult to secure for civilian governments as well as for independent researchers.  it is military rather than the police controlling the information /results and the militants

Any attempts to securing that information is easily turned down as a threat to national security. In many of these attacks, allegedly ex-military personnel have been involved.

Pak Establishment is least interested in reforms of police department There was  a report in English daily that more than 30000  bullet proof vests sent by USA for police department are lying in the airport  they have not been collected by the authorities  since custom clearance (payment) is required , if they were for army they would be collected in hrs and customs officers would not dare ask for the clearance duty. Since Pak customs wanted police to pay duty so they avoided collection.

Now that rangers have are spread all over Karachi and in other parts of Pakistan police is only there to carry out their orders and take all the blames of rangers (security forces)wrongdoings. Police has no choice but to obey the rangers

Police in Pakistan is a victim rather than a villain. It has been victimized and tamed by the army Now its  completely subservient to security forces

Pakistani police is not infected with militancy and anti-Americanism this is evident by the video filmed by Raymond Davis when he was 1st taken to the police station in Lahore the police personnel who could hardly speak English offered him drinks joked with him they were enjoying his presence one of the police man asked his name again and again and did not get it while Raymond Davis kept saying Raymond, Raymond …… Ok make it diamond another policeman said as they laughed heartily

In 2011there were reports that few high ranking police officials took dinner with US consulate members

The establishment was so much angry with them as if they have dined with Eman al zahwari. News of their suspension also circulated in the media. Such are the police officers who are later killed and added to the long list of sacrifices.

In Pakistan hundreds of police officers and policemen have lost their lives at the hands of terrorists.Pakistani courts and ISI endup with no actions against them.Now Pak Police has no choice but to cooperate with ISI and militants.

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