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Machinations of ISI

Originally Posted by: Sadia Khan
Terrorists from all over the world  specially from   terror striken Muslim countries like  Pakistan, Saudia,Yamen,Somalia and Egypt act in one unified way, reason behind is the training given to them by their respective intelligence agencies. Since these agencies are following the same vision and the same goal and they are quite  in touch ,their operational crew follow the same strategies and code of conduct. terrorists from all the militant organizations let them be from Taliban, Alshabab, Aqap,muslim brotherhood jashe mohammad Punjabi Taliban or put them together Alqaida follow one manual.
This makes their job very easy so does it mine.  we can always use it for our own advantage and predict their behavior and counter attack them.
following are the tactics used by the  Muslim  terrorists .
 *One email address used by sender and receiver
A group of terrorists on a terror mission in western countries specially in Briton and USA  woud work on one  email address to pass information to each other within the country and abroad .every member of the group or groups would know the common password. messages to each other would be passed by using the same email.
In case of arrest of one member the arrested member would claim that he sent the email to himself.
this was practiced by Khalid Aldawsari Saudi student who was on a mission to plot a terror attack in USA he apparently e-mailed himself a list of  dams in Colorado and California nuclear plants and many more information including bomb making  to himself.
Actually someone else  far away was opening the message by the same password and sending him more information by the same e mail

*Behavior of terrorists caught in a foreign land

Every terrorist caught in a western country would show his extreme hatred for his parent organization their own respective governments and their armed forces To give the impression to the west that Pakistan Somalia Yamen Egypt are suffering at the hands of their own people for being allies of America in the war of terror
All the terrorists know very well that they have the support of their armies and governments but they have to talk and propagate otherwise this is the first rule of Islamic terrorism that sophisticated  terrorists (Army and the friendly authorities) and operating terrorists would be apparently at daggers drawn with each

*Terrorists with no criminal record who are caught by the foreign authorities would act as if they have realized that they were wrong and show remorse over what they have done .They would pretend an extreme change of mind and  would also try to be recruited as double agents.

 *Terrorists with confirm criminal record with serious offences  would act otherwise specially while in media contact they would glamorize terrorism calling it jahad and vow to continue it .They would  show their hatred for their government specially army (SAudia Pakistan Egypt Yamen And Somalia) to absolve them of their  involvement in terrorism.
Those who already have committed serious acts of terrorism and have no hopes to be pardoned would add to their crimes by taking responsibility of other serious crimes committed by other fellow brothers like Khalid Sheikh took the responsibility for murdering Danial perl by his own hands and declared Saeed Umer Sheikh not guilty

*Use of code language
While sending messages to each other in a foreign land they would use code language instead of straight talk for example if they have killed some one they woud use a reference name of the deceased and pass the message that he has been admitted to the hospital if the person is being considered to be killed the message would be…..he is very sick I should admit him to the hospital.

Terrorists would prefer their own language for any kind of communication to avoid being caught however they might use English alphabets in their own language
Suicide bombing is called fidaai all over the Muslim terrorists which means sacrificial. This legitimizes the suicide attack. Among themselves the terrorists would never use another substitute word for it.

*Terrorists on a foreign mission
While on a mission in a foreign land they would not keep beards and avoid religious gathering and associations and act like liberal moderate Muslims.They would keep a low profile They would also strictly follow the traffic or other rules of the state to avoid any small encounter with the police which can lead to some questionings. They would keep a low profile  with a friendly attitude with the people around them and would hardly allow any one inside home.

Double check after target killing
Chipa ambulance rushes to the targeted victims not to save but to kill
 inKarachi.During the tv coverage of target killing I noticed that chipa ambulance arrives almost at the same time as the target killing takes place another thing worth noticing is that the workers of chipa Ambulance show extra ordinary activeness while handling the dead bodies or transferring the wounded in to the ambulance with deft flamboyance they spread the white cloth with Chipa written on it  they look too professional to be staff of a Pak Ambulance.
while Edhi ambulance falls short of cofans(cloth)and is often late because  chipa is already there never short of cofans never late it already takes the injured before any other ambulance arrives They look trained militants in the guise of ambulance staff.
When target killing is carried out target killers run from the spot then Chipa Ambulance takes over It arrives as soon as the target killing happens inside the Ambulance if some one who is selected to be killed and  is not dead they give him one more shot to complete the job of their brothers target killers.Double check
Another noticeable point is that Chipa Ambulance is always there after target killing takes place well in advance.
Rarely it arrives for accidents or other causalities
My doubt was further confirmed by a devastated man who lost his son in target killing.He told me that his son who belonged to a political party got injured in indiscriminate firing at the time he was with him he had a wound in the leg he was not serious at all then the Chipa ambulance arrived his son along with others was taken by the ambulance but he was refused by the ambulance staff to get in. few hours later he got the news that his son was dead ..
He received the dead body of his son His son died because of a bullet shot in his head.
Who is Chipa!
Chipa Ambulance belongs to a man called Ramzan chipa who is a lover of pak army. On the eve of Rashid Minhas(soldier of Pak army who crashed his plane because his senior wanted to take it to India in in 1971) 40th death anniversary  of martyrdom. He held a rally on Rasid Minhas road(named after the soldier)to show his support with pak army and spoke at length in favour of revolution. Later he went to the army grave yard to pay respect to the dead army officers.

Not Circumcised: A propaganda tool      
I have interviewed almost a 100 men and women at different times at different occasions and locations, from KHP province. Most of them were from FATA area this is what they had to say
Almost everyone I interviewed had one thing in common to tell that suicide bombers are not Muslims.How and why they had this strong belief was the job of isi.
They told me in a very shy tone that Soon after a suicide attack the intelligence people come and examine the body of suicide bomber and find out that he was not a Muslim  (bomber was not circumstanced)so  the villagers are told that he was not a Muslim and declare that the bomber was either a CIA operative or was from Indian Raw  they also tell the horrified crowd that American and Indians are out to destroy Islam and Pakistan and they are creating unrest through suicide attacks.
This propaganda is so strongly stuck to the minds of Pushtoons that even those who believed that Pak security forces were helping Taliban refuse to acknowledge that suicide bombers were Muslims ….no : they shook theirheads no one of them was found to be circumstanced !
Secret agencies use this technique on a very large scale.They did not spare the dead body of Executed Ex Prime Minister (Z A Bhuto) of Pakistan.
This is on the record that Soon after his execution camera man was called and a video of naked body of Z A Bhutto was filmed.
The motive behind this in human act was to prove some times later if required that since Z A Bhutto's s mother was Hindu so he was actually not a Muslim and was not found to be circumstanced.

Jail break technique widely used By the terror Masters in Muslim countries.
To cheat internationally terror Masters announce the capture of few high profile terrorists and console the world that they are in the jail. Actually they are in the protective custody of the respective security agencies.
When these agencies plan for a bigger terror oppression they need some high profile terrorists who could be later blamed for the upcoming terror event. That’s the time when security agencies plan and carry out a jail break with the help of their operating terrorists.  Sending an indirect message to the world that their highly capable foot terrorists have freed their heads and if any high profile attack is carried out inside or outside the country the security forces are absolved of any responsibility.
Following are the points which speak clear and loud of the involvement of security agencies in carrying out recent jail break in Bannu in April 2011.
*Out of the 384 prisoners who had fled, 108 are back to the jail they are serving their sentence for petty crimes and are not related to the Taliban.

*Around 20 of the freed high profile terrorists including Rashid and Noor u Din are gone. This is the advantage of playing terrorism at Home ground
*A militant commander who helped plan the Bannu jailbreak told Reuters that his group had inside information. "We had complete maps and plans of the jail and the surrounding area,"

*Law enforcing authorities of jail offered no resistance There was a so called encounter between jail authorities and the Taliban for 2 hours but no one got injured. After the successful departure of the detainees the jail security staff was taken to the hospital they hardly needed any first aid leave alone treatment for injuries.

*The jubilant Terrorists carried their high profile terrorists and drove down the road in expensive vehicles. They entered in to North Waziristan passing from dozen of friendly check posts of security forces. Not a show of resistance was reported from any check post.
*This jail break was followed by a high profile attack in Afghanistan.

Laden and military, allies in their lies
 In September2006 Bin Laden declared a jihad against the Musharraf regime. While he lived few kilometers away from GHQ and few yards away from  kakool military academy in Abbottabad…
strange out of all the places in the world he chose military of Pakistan to live with.
It shows clearly that alqaida and its entire branches lie about standing against Islamic regimes fact is that they only  carry on with the hidden support of their own regimes

Radical islam taught
Mushraf,Hosani Mubarak Saleh of Yamen and  Zine El Abidine Ben Ali were supporting extremisim at home and earning Dollars from abroad.
intentional No job opportunity
Pakistan intentionally doesn’t provide with job opportunities.when the unemployed and brainwashed youth looks for earning he finds every door of opportunity closed, then terrorism knocks at the door of the hungry youth it offers a mix of financial opportunities and Islamic glories a combination of monetary and heavenly gains also they offer attractive commando training on the tunes of patriotic songs and Quranic verses along with the attractive commando style uniforms   and It dazzles the hungry youth what  else a Pakistani youth or a Yamni youth would want
In Pakistan in government Schools specially in Madrasas children are intentionaly kept away from the real teachings of islam which teaches love ,peace ,tolerance,justice ,honesty,patience, humanity truth,forgiveness and a great emphasis on human rights.instead of understanding Quran these children are asked to rot Quran.They learn their lesson of hatred barbarism and ignorance not from Quran but from the sermons of radical Mullahs.they are injected with the hatred of jews Americans and Indians blind in the love of never understood Islam and blind in the hatred of never seen non Muslims  these children never come to know that they are doing fasad in the name of jahad.

How secret agencies mislead the international community
Taliban along with terrorists in uniform (pak security forces) took 40,000 Pakistani lives just to send message to the outside world and to serve the following purposes.
*To get rid of liberal people who do not accept extremism
*Message to the out side world is do not ask us to conduct oppression in North Waziristan against Haqani as they are Pakistan friendly and if we carry out oppression against them they will join hands with Pakistani Taliban and do more attacks in Pakistan.

*Our people are poor and are turning towards terrorism give us more and more funds to keep them away from terrorism.

All the terrorists producing countries are patronizing terrorism to an extent that civilized world cant imagine they bomb and kill their own citizens to get their unachievable and unrealistic goal of ruling the whole world
They have hired and empowered terrorists to give double synergy effect they let the terrorists their desired job and do not accept any responsibility of their doings they let them attack internally to cleanse liberal pockets of resistance as well as to give this impression that terrorists have turned against them as they are cooperating with America.
This is called killing two birds with one stone.

Why secret Agencies conduct suicide bombing inside Pakistan
Pak isi  conducts suicide attacks inside Pakistan the outgoing message is clear we should not be considered pro militant we are under attack ourselves the outside world should give us every kind of help to control our extremists.
Moreover the suicide bombing is carried out on unwanted police personel non suni Muslims and liberal elements from the society so it serves two purposes -1- clears the mess of liberals -2- it adds to the number of Pak sacrifices which invites sympathies international aid for military.

Why isi creates unrest in a particular area
In this fateful country Pakistan isi creates some problems in a desired peaceful area in Pakistan and then in the garb of controlling that area or
securing it from the gangs and terrorists the security forces are poured in. These security forces are Taliban in uniform they spy on unwanted people(liberal) in uniform and the next day they dress up as an Unidentified gunmen or hire the services of terrorists and shoot wherever they please and kill as many as they want.
Karachi is one such example once during a political debate live show on TV one Mqm leader and MPA --got the news during the live show that security forces would be deployed in Karachi to stabilize it the Mqm leader actually got up from his seat and started shouting no oppression in karachi. it Would destroy Karachi.
within weeks security forces were deployed in Karachi somewhat bad situation jumped to very worse and the same leader got killed by unidentified men while doing ablution in a Mosque.

Terrorists recruitment as security forces
To keep terrorists well under control of the secret agencies pak army has recruited heavily from pushtoon and specially Punjabi Taliban as security personel.By joining security service it makes the job of these uniformed terrorists very easy they get any kind of information while in uniform and later provide information to the terrorists who go and kill with their faces covered.
This realy helps isi the salaried Taliban remain well under the control of ISI.
Zardari Government pays their salaries they are well informed well trained and lot bolder and ways more cooperative than the usual thick head Pushtoon Taliban

Terrorists recruitment as Scouts
Pak isi has recruited thousands of militants as scouts these scouts are deployed on sensitive areas to help create chaos.They provide information to the security personel and terrorists
In the end of November 2011 when the Nato forces attacked Pak check posts out of 24 casualties 2 were scouts.They were there to facilitate Taliban not to fight them.

Security for terrorists insecurity for the public
Pak Establishment provides extreme security to the terrorists. First of all there is hardly any arrests if there is any, police is strictly advised to cover their faces.
This facial coverage facility is only available to the blessed terrorists rest of the criminals are shown from every angle on all the tv channels.
There are antiterrorism courts which set them free within days so that their activity should not get disturbed.
In ten long years of on-going terrorism Pakistani judiciary has not sent a single terrorists to the gallows. They go the jails with their faces covered and the next day they are out to carry on and to dispose off those naive police men who dare to touch them.
Why Punjab Police writes criminal reports by  pencils
According to the English daily news 8th sept 2011 Punjab police write its daily dairies by the lead pencils so that the record can easily be changed and forged. This helps the antiterrorism court to free the terrorists on the basis of non-availability of evidence. Police simply follows orders of Shareef brother

Propaganda Technique Blame transferred
Pakistanis are told every now and then through the media that India, America and Israel are the biggest threats to their lives
Americans want to take away our nukes and without nukes Pakistan would be destroyed by the Indians and Americans
Through the media drone attacks are exaggerated and Pakistanis are told that enemies of Islam are attacking our sovereignty and are killing innocent men women and children.
This is how people's attention is diverted from internal threat to external threat.
The chaos created in the country by security forces on their way to khilafat is beautifully transferred to India and America.
Liberal political parties like PPP Anp And Mqm are also blamed on a very large scale for creating chaos in the country to get their political goals.
The funniest part of this propaganda technique is that Nawaz Shareef Who had direct links with Osama bin Laden and is famous for its militant wings in his party is never mentioned. Same goes for the other Islamic extremists so called political Parties.
Those who have the blood of thousands of innocent Pakistanis on their hands are never referred convicted or punished By the blind Chief justice of Pakistan

Speedy injustice of Anti-terror Courts
Antiterrorism courts are established by the Chief justice of Pakistan so that terrorists can be provided speedy hearings.
Anti-terrorism courts are like sweet homes for terrorists. Terrorists are brought there with their faces covered and are acquitted within days because of no evidence against them.
The shining star Chief justice of Pakistan himself acquitted a target killer who confessed to the killing of 100 people in Karachi. According to the Chief justice he did not find enough evidence to convict him. The honorable and respected killer was provided with the opportunity to keep his face covered so that he can be re utilized.
This face covering facility is only available to the respected   terrorists in Pakistan other criminal do not enjoy this facility.
With 40000 dead in Pakistan Anti-terrorism courts have failed to convict or punish any terrorist.
june 26 2011anti terrorism court acquitted one of the alleged murderer of minority minister  Shahbaz Bhat
police was given only five days to complete investigations about him during the court hearing the police requested another 8 days to complete the investigation the judje refused and set him free.
Anti-terrorism courts are established in Pakistan to grant expedite justice (favor) to terrorists. Terrorists get free in days dueto lack of evidence.
Who would provide the evidence against these  beloveds ….after all Everyone wants to live. On the contrary other people facing criminal charges remain in jails for years without any hearing. There are examples of poor people who have spent 30 years in a jail without a hearing

How to ensure the ultimate security of the operating terrorists
Hidden forces provide extreme safety to the operating terrorists so that they can operate without any fear of persecution. Since society at large and international institutions keep a watch so they often keep visiting jails.A comprehensive set of practical measure is in place to get them free from the jails they often visit.
*Their faces are covered and identities kept secret.
*The judge will not be able to convict them due to lack of evidence and witness
*Who so ever would try to provide witness and evidence would be targeted/killed/blackmailed /kidnapped.
*Those police officers who show more efficiency in following and capturing terrorists then required would be targeted/ killed.
*If a terrorist has committed an act of terrorism openly and is widely known and the friendly courts cannot help convicting him, will be facilitated to escape in a jail break.
*If an honorable terrorist has killed a high profile figure because of extreme love for Islam and the courts are compelled to convict him. Final way out to save him is to kidnap a family member of the deceased so that when he is convicted by the court can be exchanged With the kidnapped family member

Governor Taseer's kidnapped son who would later be exchanged with the Murderer of his father

Afghan intelligencia (ANDS) talks like ISI
Afghan intelligence agency claimed that they have detained a suicide would be bomber from Pakistan who belongs to ttp and was sold to Haqani in millions …. This is all rubbish!

 A suicide bomber is a free good will gift from one set of terrorists to another it’s a priceless living transferable commodity between groups of terrorists.Getting a suicide bomber is the easiest job of isi baked terrorists all they have to do is kidnap someone.
Kidnapping people in Pakistan with the blessing of isi is as easy as going for a pleasure drive.Later they really don’t have to spend their breath into convincing the would be bomber to carry out the bombing all they have to do is to inform him that he has a choice between Carrying out the suicide bombing or being slaughtered further they would caution him that if he explodes in a wrong place his family members would be caught and slaughtered.
 After this who would not comply with their instructions any idea?
Haqani and TTP are one and the same its only Pakistan propaganda which divides Haqani and Taliban. Pak ISI heads both TTP and Haqani.For functional ease they are divided as anti-American and anti-Pakistan Both Haqanis and TTP apparently remain divided because Pakistan intelligence agency lets TTP attack Pakistani liberals and resistant people while Haqanis are depicted as Anti American and supposedly they are only fighting to liberate Afghanistan from Americans.
Pak ISI is wiping off all sorts of liberals from all the walks of life and is beautifully using these body bags as the sacrifices of Pakistanis in war against terrorism.

ISI sends fake informers
To sensitive western institutions. These informers pass wrong information about high profile terrorists or other sensitive issues. The reasons of sending fake informers are …
1- Misguidance, so the attention can be diverted to wrong place and target.
2- Waste of their time, investigating something which doesn’t exist.
3- To let them think that informers are liars and financially motivated so that they would not pay any attention to real informers and shun them if there are any.
Full control of Information
Whatever happens in Pakistan is misrepresented by the all-powerful isi of Pakistan. Journalists and even police doesn’t have any access to sensitive whatever circulates in Pakistani media is purely provided by intelligence agencies.

From Pak media it gets into international media this is how dissemination of retorted facts completes its circle and malign people minds.

Pakistan only fair institute nadra used for pro terrorism activities

According to transparency international nadra(national data base authority)is one of the two institute(1st one is Eidhi foundation)which is corruption free they are right, but unfortunately Pakistan ruling authorities  keeps it corruption free and highly sophisticated to help the terrorists and to add to the helplessness of the common people …how?

isi exercises extreme control over the fateful Pakistanis every Pakistani right from his or her birth must be enlisted with national data base. Children are enlisted in the B form which has the correct number names and date of birth of children of all the Pakistani married men and women. adults above the age of 18 get their own id card this way this sophisticated highly advanced computerized system keeps the record of every family. It has a family tree system through which a whole set of family can be traced even uncles aunts and cousins  can be traced within minutes, Question is who has full access to the system Not police  but the mighty cruel isi….

 This system is extremely dangerous for common and liberal Pakistanis.  There are sensible and peace loving people who have the knowledge about the wrongdoings of isi if they want to bring this into the knowledge of foreign countries human rights watch groups they might hide themselves from isi by taking refuge in other countries or simply hiding themselves somewhere but then every Pakistani knows that isi would reach their family(children siblings and nieces nephews and cousins) within no times and would make them an example of their atrocities. This is even applied on the Pakistanis settled abroad who know what is happening inside Pakistan but don’t share it with foreign authorities for the safety of their loved ones.

Baloch leader Brahamdagh Bughti fled to Afghanistan and then to Geneva along with his wife and children, spoke loudly against Pak ISI role in killing and kidnapping of innocent Balochs in Quetta.His sister along with her 13 year old daughter was targeted killed

Now he is no more so outspoken for the fear of his other family members.The question is how many family members you can take with you when fleeing from Pakistan What about the rest?

Can terrorists defect ISI

in case one foot terrorist or a high profile terrorist has a change of mind or is tired of fighting or is attracted towards incentives offered by western countries and want to it possible?
It's possible but not practical terrorist  know his family would be targeted one by one, this also applies on the terrorists caught abroad they would not tell the truth at any cost not because they are too loyal to terrorism but also for the safety of their loved ones who are well within the approach of ISI.
Recently Pakistan notorious interior minister Rahman Malik said in a statement “we are developing and improving the family tree system to trace terrorists”
Definitely it’s the other way around its most of the times used to trace informants.

To be continued

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