Friday, June 27, 2014

Pak generals smiling at their deeds

Originally Posted by: Sadia Khan

 In 2010 a video emerged in news media showing 6 blind folded young men being executed by pak army.Some were as young as 13 or 14 years old.
General Kiani had to call this conference of his like minded generals to tell the world that he has set up an inquiry commission to probe the execution of six young men.
In this limited footage  of the conference available to us, you can see the sophisticated terrorists smiling in a wired guilty way its …..clear by the facial expressions and body gestures of the brutes that this is what they are doing and probing in to some thing which is a daily routine puts them in an awkward position they cant help smiling about it. General kiani keeps smiling during all the footage while  he is famous for being quiet and serious.He hardly smiles on other occasions. one of the general sitting in the  end tries hard to stop himself from smiling and in this attempt weird expressions spread on his face. General shujah has a sheepish look and rather looks like a thief.

In the execution video the identity of the soldiers is very clear one says Aabid go and call Mr Tanveer and tell him that Mr tour is calling .

The face of the commander who looks like a Taliban is very clear too he goes and tells the young men to read kalma(verse which reveals that Allah is one)one of the soldier says should we kill them all at once or one by one and gets the order to kill one by one .so  they  fall one after another giving them a chance to enjoy the killing.

I just don’t understand what the general wants to probe the identity of the soldiers is very clear the names are very clear ………..and of course every thing including the motive of the soldiers is very clear to them ….so they just cant stop laughing.

Last but not the least the commission set up to probe this execution  has not come out with any findings like all the commissions set up in the past.

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