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Moderate army personnel under attack

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It's wrong to say that all of Pakistan army is supporting militancy. There are some who firmly stood against militancy those moderate army personnel were effectively taken notice of  and targeted killed This is a win win situation for the extremists this is how they kill two birds with one stone. By disposing of these army personnel they get rid of their opposition and their deaths are advertised extensively to create sympathizers for Pak military.  A win win situation for establishment.
Once a senior politician Javed Hashmi who was seriously sick spoke on TV about Pakistan army this is what he had to say
“Army has opened a meat shop they kill whoever they want to. The senior army officials would tell the junior army officials do it this way or we will take you to India border and shoot you and blame Indian army for your killing and bury you with full guard of owner”.
This should be noted that he has spent years in the jail for resisting against military.
Following are some of the examples of army and isi machinations and their target killing of those coworkers who do not share their ideas of bringing Wahabi Islam to Pakistan.

On 19 November 2008, while driving to work in his car, he was shot dead by three unknown gunmen in Islamabad

Earlier on 21 July 2008, General Alavi had send a letter to the chief of Pakistan Army General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani requesting protection and informing him that some of the generals were supporting terrorism and Taliban. He also informed the (already informed) General that he had a threat to his life .He also wrote to him clearly that he would expose all such Generals and would furnish all the relevant proof
In October 2008 risking his life, he gave a copy of this letter to Carey Schofield a British journalist. When he did not get a reply from General Kayani he was concerned for his life and mentioned that to Schofield in a conversation, "It hasn’t worked, they’ll shoot me.
Four days after his conversation with the British journalist while he was driving through Islamabad his car was halted by another vehicle and the gunmen opened fire from either side. He was shot eight times. His driver was also killed. The gunmen had used 9mm pistols, a standard army gun .

In the past General Pervaz Mushraf developed serious differences with him He was removed from special services group of army conducting oppressions against the Taliban.

His murder is self-explanatory. He was misfit to lead the oppression against Taliban as he was doing his job honestly.
As a young man General Ameer Alvi was keen to serve his country He gave up his British Passport to join Pak army, only to be killed by the well fed well protected terrorists. As a usual routine his murderers were never caught remain unharmed and still at large.

General Mushtaq Baig killed

On feburary 24 surgeon general Mushtaq baig was target killed by a teen suicidal bomber his guard driver and three pedestrians were also among the killed. his crime was being a shia and not in line with the wahabi generals..

what happened next !There was no first information report registered from army department. His death and martyrdom was used as a positive propaganda in the favor of Pak Army.His assassination at the hands of the terrorists sent a simple message to the world …how much pak army was against terrorism and how the army was targeted by the terrorists. Un fortunately facts are actually the opposite..

Investigation in to his assassination was ignored as much as he was a no body although he was the most high ranked General of Pakistan ever killed after Dictator ziaual haq.

accused were taken into the protective custody of the intelligence and handed over to the police after one year(God knows who were taken in to the custody of intelligence and who were handed over to the police) so after one year first info report was registered by the police.A so call trial was conducted in which no army officer neither appeared nor shared any information about the accused who were in the custody of intelligence for one year. Identities of the accused remained unclear and no serious action was taken against them.The lack of interst in the investigation in to the General assassination speaks loudly of the involvement of the wahabi army Generals of Pakistan.

How 5 MI officials got killed

On November13 2011 there was a so called oppression in Jhelum in a hilly area. Paramilitary forces came there to fight Lashkere Jangvi opperatives There was lot of firing and explosions It looked like army personal and police has killed quite a large number of terrorists. Helicopters were used in the oppression and a lot of firing carried on For two long days

When the show was over and the curtain drawned Media was given access to the scene. Later. They came to know that not a single terrorist from lashkere Jangvi was either killed or arrested. During the oppression paramilitary forces asked the police to sit on the top of the mountains and just do the areal firing the obedient police did as told Paramilitary forces went in to the salt area which is a strong hold of al-Qaida allied lashkere jangvi what went on only God knows

When they finished the show of thundering oppression there were 5 dead bodies of MI personal.According to the ISPR those MI officers were kidnapped and later killed by Jangvi terrorists.

Military intelligence is different from isi.Perhaps those 5 fateful MI personnel were not on the same page with iSi and perhaps they were against the atrocities of lashker e jangvi.Those personnel were kidnapped and brought here and killed after savior torture.
During the oppression Media personel were told that security forces have killed a large number of terrorists of lashkere jangvi but when the oppression ended security forces failed to show any dead injured or arrested terrorist.Thank God they did not choose to kill some innocent to justify their claim.
One wonders who they fought with why the police was doing Ariel firing. According to some sources militants were given a chance to flee before the oppression started the conclusion of the much dreaded oppression was 5 mi dead bodies. No terrorist dead arrested or injured.

Yet there were 3 civilians arrested apparently on suspicion of helping the terrorists but actually isi is famous for arresting and disposing of those who dare to stand against the terrorists.

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