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Muslim Establishments swim in our blood pool to reach their goal of Khilafat

Originally posted by Sadia Khan
Muslim world is going through revolutions. Some countries have already gone through it like Egypt Tunisia Yemen and Libya some are going through it like Syria and some are desperately planning and heading towards it Like Pakistan.
People call it Arab spring I dare to call it Arab Autumn or Arab fall. People think Its People who have come out on roads to restore democracy. I call it a conspiracy of Muslim Establishments led by their armed forces to turn democracy in to democursy.

Muslim Revolutions has three phases

1st Phase
First phase has already passed or is in the final stage in some of the Muslim Countries. In this Phase Muslim rulers along with their respective armed forces played a double game with the west and their own innocent subjects. The rulers like Hosani Mubarak of Egypt General Pervaz Mushraf of Pakistan Zain al Abiden Of Tunisia Mohammad Saleh of Yemen and some others silently made a civilian army of terrorists at home unleashed them on the liberal resistant and innocent citizens at home and abroad. As the naïve frightened west rushed to help them fight terrorism The Muslim Establishments enjoyed the business These Muslim rulers supported funded organized and strengthened terrorists so that they can carry out what civilized and recognized armed forces could not do openly.
These rulers like General Mushraf Hosani Mubarak and others were aligned with the west at home and people were directly and indirectly told that all this unrest and growing terrorism is due to the wrong policies of the rulers who are dancing to the tunes of the West specially America. These hypocrite Muslim rulers who made sure systematic terrorism at home however told the west that people are turning to terrorism and the only way to fight terrorism is to fund these terrorism hit countries. Unfortunately General Musharraf was taken for Mr. Pakistan and Hosani Mubarak for Mr. Egypt. They were funded to the teeth and their armed forces were empowered more and more and in return these two faced rulers ignored education and development and promoted terrorism in the name of jihad in a remarkably organized way. In the process many innocent people were killed who were effectively added to the list of sacrifices in the war against terrorism. Whenever the Muslim rulers were asked to do more to fight terrorism they would start counting their deads as if it was an achievement.
When Muslim rulers were earning more and more and  terrorism business was booming their intelligencia was running an organized campaign against the policies of these rulers calling them pupates of America and telling the people that it's time to get rid of these stogies of America and their western policies. These rulers were very well aware of what was going on and they silently allowed it to happen. They knew that it was the first phase of revolution and they were on their way to Khilafat the so called rule of Sharia. They knew that they will be allowed to rule as much as they are accepted by the West and when they will be outdated they would be replaced and their replacement will be glamorized in the name of revolution by bringing people against them.
In the first phase of revolution however there were two types of rulers one who secretly were on the same page with their armed forces. They did not really resisted more than required like Hosani Mubarak Mohammad Saleh and Bin Ali. There were yet others like Qadafi of Libya and now President Asad of Syria who failed to understand the movement to khilafat
Qadafi put on real resistance and was faced with terrorists and his Sharia supporters in armed forces. The people who ran to pleading Qadafi and grabbed and torn him apart showed clearly that they were not regular human beings but Alqaida.
In Syria whatever is going on who would say that it’s the work of citizens who want An Asaad change. Where are the bombs and all the sophisticated war material coming from what role is being played by Arab royals? What role is being played by Al-Qaida? Who is this free Syrian Army freely slaughtering citizens who is the power behind them. Asad is bad but Alqaida into play is definitely worse or rather horrible.

On the other hand Bin Ali Mohammad Saleh and Hosani Mubarak had a safe passage and a very civilized attitude from their otherwise uncivilized authorities, who took over after them.
Poor Hosani Mubarak is dying since then, in fact he has been pronounced dead many times He is always allowed to have a heart attack on important decision making occasions. The likes of him or his own people are still around.
People's blood wasted in a show to convince the west that people want change, and what kind of change they want, is decided by the so called judiciary or council of armed forces.

2nd Phase of revolution
In the 2nd phase of revolution armed forces and selected judiciary will play an important role. Liberal politicians will be disposed of. The contestant parties will be more or less the same jihadi type with hard liners and with little or almost no basic differences in between. They will put up a show of differences with the armed forces to divert the attention of the world from major issues to smaller fabricated problems. A so called democracy will be imposed Known filthy terrorists of yesterday would be seen in the cabinets. Democracy will turn in to democurcy.
There would be more attacks on churches and non-Muslim citizens of Islamic countries by the well trained civilian armies of Muslim Establishments, Muslim liberal citizens would be targeted, if not killed certainly made crippled financially and socially.
 Order of the society would change filthy beards would be in command and the liberals would become subservient to ignorant and cruel Wahabi Practitioners.
It would be a Down fall of intellectuals and uprising of slaughterers.

3rd phase of revolutions
West would fully realize that Hizb u Tahrir mother of Alqaida was their real enemy, and they empowered their own enemy by empowering Muslim Armies of the world.
Terrorism will flourish. Unrest will spread in and out of Muslim countries. This time there would be open wars between the west and the Muslims. Muslim rulers will transfer the blame of the sufferings of the people to the anti-Islamic policies of the west. This unrest will lead to the rule of sharia. The imposed so called democracy will end. Muslim countries would unite against the West. Muslim rulers would make sure to cause financial problems to the west.Nuclear attacks would be carried out by the Muslim countries on the West.
Through an organized propaganda Muslims and others would be convinced that the targeted country most probably America has carried it out on its own soil on its own people to make an excuse to confiscate their (attacker country) nukes.

Later on when there will be more evidence of their involvement  blame would be transferred to the terrorists or those army personal who have joined hands with the extremists.
Muslim leaders will announce an open jihad against non-Muslims and the West.There would be open wars between the West and the muslim countries.The hatred graph between Muslims and the non Muslims would be sky rocketing.

The race for revolution in Pakistan

Muslim world is going through revolutions Today the mighty inhuman army wants Islamic revolution in Pakistan. Its working on it for the last many years. Benazir was killed to achieve this goal..
Swat which is situated right in the middle of Pakistan was chosen head quarter for the Islamic Emiriates of Pakistan. why they preferred Swat… because it had no borders attached to any foreign country. They further divide their terrorists in to reconcilable and irreconcilable sofi mohammad was reconcilable and his son in law fazalullah was irreconcilable …this is one of the most successful technique of of the sophisticated terrorists. Through the good Taliban they bring forward their demands and through the bad Taliban they create havoc in the country to give this message to the world that how much they  are pressurized for Islamic sharia by the Taliban and by the common people. If Islamic sharia will be imposed every thing will be all right.
Chief justice of Pakistan is doing everything or rather more than that to help impose Sharia in Pakistan. He goes beyond the limits of his authority to help the Taliban.while he is the chief justice of Pakistan and the current set of Pakistan army Generals is in power Taliban and Alqaida is as safe in Pakistan as an infant in the lap of his mother.
when Sofi Mohammad said loud and clear that current judicial system of Pakistan is kufar the most vocal as well as active chief justice of Pakistan kept quiet.
Then the international community interfered and showed too much concern the dream of mighty Pakistan army could not be fulfilled,but they never abandoned it.
Later they realized their mistake of not imposing sharia when the people of Pakistan were on the roads demanding the restoration of Iftikhar chaudry.
It was confessed by defence analyist zaid Hamid in a tv show the host of the show asked him
"You have been talking about the revolution since long when actually it will happen"the usually glowing face of zaid Hamid hanged and darkened in a noticeable tone of disappointment he said
“the right time for the revolution was when the people of Pakistan were on the roads for the restoration of the judges, with one more push we would have done was the best opportunity and we missed it”.
Nawaz Shareef and his brother Shahbaz Shareef are also talking about the revolution for a long time Shahbaz sharif even recites poetic verses in his rallies to make the uninformed innocent people of Pakistan wish for it he says
Nothing but a revolution would bring justice to Pakistan nothing but revolution will bring prosperity to Pakistan nothing but revolution would bring peace to Pakistan. many times  Shahbaz sharif went to the extent that he said “There would be French style revolution in Pakistan I see hunger and anger in the eyes of the flood striken people I am afraid that these hungry people would march to the bigger cities and attack the elite and create havoc”(he himself is the 2nd richest man in Pakistan)He  knows in advance that he would be spared.
Mr nuclear smuggler A Q khan also writes in the newspapers in the favour of revolution. According to him people are hungry and angry hunger and anger are like two live wires when connected would create havoc.
Establishment took Altaf Hussain into confidence he was told that he would have his share of power in the new setup (Islamic) all he has to do is to change the idealogy of his party (Mqm) he took  this choice perhaps this choice was not accepted by the assassinated Mqm leader Dr imran farooqi
 and he was silenced.

Once anti taliban Altaf Hussain changed totally he joined hands with pro Taliban imran khan now in his speeches he ignores the atrocities of Taliban but remember to make a big deal out of Drones attacks issue. He started speaking
the language of Pak establishment
” Drones are an attack on our sovereignty drones are not acceptable and people of Pakistan should come out on the roads and bring the revolution” and he never forgot to mention America again and again putting blames on it for any thing and every thing.
He also went to the extent of inviting the army chief to take control and dispose of the corrupt and rich who have looted the wealth of Pakistan.

Imran Khan Nawaz Shareef and every one else from right wing talks about elimination of corruption, all of them are fans of chief justice of Pakistan if he wants to take an action against tax avaders and those who have borrowed billions from the banks who is stopping him.???
 and when  these corrupts were looting Pakistan were army judiciary and executive and other concerned authorities asleep?….actually they were an equal partner with the corrupts this is how they got away with it.
Imran khan also talks about revolution he says. ”Revolution”would come by bullet or by ballot”.
In Pakistan every one knows that elections have been going on in this army striken country for a long time but its just a show off the real power always lies with the army.
Imran khan yells in his speeches like a hungry hound “come out come out on the roads get rid of this slave(American slave)government and change your fate”.
Karachi unrest a step towards khilafat
Vicious army Generals are behind the unrest and on going violence in all over Pakistan specially in karachi.Today Karachi is burning and bleeding buses are being attacked people are burnt alive kidnapping is a daily routine every where we find mutilated bodies filledup in sacks poor pak police have managed to capture some militants by putting their lives in danger but to no avail isi is always there to get them back.
People have their eyes on army. Innocent Pakistanis don’t know that all this is done by the army. They want to create chaos in the Mini Pakistan(Karachi) they have unleashed their militants on the helpless peace loving people of karachi and there they have their spoke persons like Imran khan zaid hamid and general retired Hameed Gul telling the people that all this is due to the corrouption of political parties they need to change the system they need revolution

Once general Hameed Gul and Imran khan were guest speakers on Karachi violence on dunia chanel, cruel General R Hameed Gul said “now people should come out for the revolution why they are not coming out they are not only getting killed but they are killed in a horrible way their eyes are being taken out they are slaughtered and their body parts are cut before they are killed”

He fell short of saying that we have worked hard to create all this unrest for the people to come out and support revolution.
Ameer of jamate - islami also asks people to come out and bring revolution in Pakistan and start a new era of prosperity and liberty.
Well according to all these so called leaders every thing will be alright once the people will come out on the roads but this doesn’t make any sense people should come out against whom.why should Shareef brothers talk about revolution they are already in power in the mighty province of Punjab why do they want people on the roads to set things in order.They are in power and they have friendly chief justice standing always by their side.Mqm and jamat e islami all are some how part of the govt then why do they want people on the roads?
Answer is very simple all of them are dancing to the tunes of the Army and the radical army of Pakistan wants sharia law to be imposed.they are powerful enough to do it openly and even without the people on the roads but they are not doing it why?
Pakistan army is playing a double game.a double game in which they are allies of America in the war against terror and appearently they have given remarkable sacrifices for that and actually they are the one who are funding supporting protecting training and brainwashing the Taliban.
Of course they want international aid to keep flowing to Pakistan they would not like to have any sanctions put against them and all this is possible when crowds would be out on the roads asking for the change,then the army would do what the Egyptian army did ….a so called referendum and then declare to the world that our people want sharia …..and then if any one would dare to come out and speak against them this time they wont experience a friendly army but the real cruel army of Islamic autoimmune countries.where the army doesn’t save but attacks as antibodies do in an autoimmune patient.
The jaded people of Pakistan however have a mix reaction towards revolution the uneducated class of Pakistan is excited for it they think it would be a magic and every thing would get settled all they want is to get rid of the poverty and get a chance for good education.Unfortunately among the educated class some youth who have been brainwashed by the mesmerizing speeches of zaid Hamid are in favour of Islamic revolution
Some from educated class of Pakistan however love Pakistan army and thinks that only army can save them from the cruelTaliban…..and this is the most painful reality of Pakistan that the saviours have turned their guns on us.No one knows the conspiracy its  done with the great art of hypocrisy mixed with cruelty.
Yet a large number of population is slowly and gradually turning against Pak Army and  against so called Islamic sharia they can never be on the same page with the army they truly hate Taliban and all the narrow minded religious parties.
Once zaid hamid said in his speech addressing the youth of Pakistan

  “I congratulate you my children you are the lucky generation who would soon see revolution and a transformed Pakistan …don’t worry whatever is going on, its just that we are destroying the old building so that a new one can be built”

Over the period of time pakistanies have gone through such a hell of problems that they have become remarkably resielient and some what indifferent to miseries
 A family who has directly not lost some one near in ongoing wave of terrorism kidnapping extortion and target killing would consider it self safe and sound
This indifference is not liked by the mighty army and its intelligence wing ,they want people of Pakistan to come out on the roads ……against the release of Raymond Davis against  the presence of CIA ….they want the people out on the roads….. against the drone strikes ...against shortage of Electricity against Amandment in blasphemy law against ongoing unrest against corruption etc etc
Behind the curtain ISI works hard to create all these problems.

They want the people to come out to protest against the electric power shortage ….to send the message to the world that how desperately civil nuclear energy is needed in Pakistan.
And over all the message of the mighty army and its intelligence wing which rules over Pakistan is Send aid to Pakistan more and more, economic and military. we need money to control our people otherwise they will all join the terrorists. And trust Pakistan army and isi to save you (west) from the wrath of these militants and mean while you must understand our compulsions of handling our militants our own way as cracking hard on them back fires and its not in the interest of the country and in the long run not in the interest of the world. ….all white lies truth of the matter is that all our suffering are intentionally imposed on this poor autoimmune country by creating anarchy and poverty they are paving the way for the khilafat.

The mighty brutal army of Pakistan wants revolution in Pakistan but doesn't want to take the responsibility for it Army knows very well that if Pakistanis come out on the roads they would have the chance to mix up their already waiting terrorists with the innocent crowd who would create havoc like in Libya and Syria and pave ground for the Islamic rule to be imposed it would be a good excuse for the army to get so called control of the crowd(help terrorists and kill innocent) later a so called referendum and the Chief justice of Pakistan will help them decide that Pakistanis have voted in favour of sharia law and sharia law will be imposed the the high profile terrorists  of today would become Ameers of different avoid the wrath of international institutions and of America this all must be done behind the shield of people of Pakistan.
Pakistan army is the driving force behind every disaster like spreading terrorism,collisions between judiciary and executive power crisis and soaring prices of commodities and specially food.Food prices are soaring high it is intentional on the part of the mighty army unless the people wont be hungry they wont be angry a combination of hunger and anger is a must to bring the people on the roads.
Jamia Banoriaia is considering that they would issue a fatwa(Islamic permission) for the hungry and poor people that in such circumstances thieft and robbery would be allowed for the people
Its in the same line with the speeches of shareef brothers Altaf hussain and Zaid hamid …in this French style revolution poor people would march to the bigger cities and attack the elite to have their share of wealth.
I have been listening to the mesmerizing speeches of zaid hamid about the khilafat model of future Pakistan he is the assign Spoke person of Pakistan army.He himself has admitted in a Tv show that he is paid by Pak Army for his Lectures.Pak army has spent billions on him.

Just read this and know what Pakistan army is up to
Here is zaid Hamid in his own words at different occasions (videos of his golden words are available on youtube)

My children you are the lucky generation who would soon experience khilafat in this God blessed country
Don’t worry whatever devastation is going on today its jut that we are destroying the old building so that a new and stronger one can be built over it.

We don’t need any constitution in khilafat Quran and objective resolution would be our constitution

We will get rid of retarded time consuming and unislamic judiciary system and Qazi courts would take over

Get prepared war is coming india will impose a war on us I swear to Allah they will start it and we will finish it

Let me tell you the result of the war so that you should get relaxed …we will win the war Prophet mohammad PBUH has predicted this war and told us that this war will be won by Muslims 

We will use nukes against India and make them as small as Sirilanka.

Perhaps they would also bomb two or three cities ….thats no problem for a nation who wants to be martyred we have been serving this country with our blood and we would keep on doing this

We would get rid of the American and Zionist banking system no paper currency and no riba (interest)

Muslims would unite their armies and no one will ever be able to interfere with them.

Allah has given the right to Muslims to rule over the world and our final goal is to put the flag of islam on Washington we broke the soviet union its us who would break America

We will raise a civilian army of 25 hundred thousand youth train and arm them and spread them all over Pakistan then no foreign country would dare to even look at us.
(Terrorists as scouts)

After the revolution there will be three types of people in Pakistan

1 : shaheeds who have sacrificed their lives for the pious cause

2:Ghazis those who fought and won and would be the winners.

3:those who would be killed like dogs.

 Revolution can be imposed in two ways.

1 :people should come out on the roads

2:We just have to march to Islamabad to topple the corroupt government.

After the death of osama bin ladin when pak army stands fully exposed the talk about revolution has changed in to practical steps towards it.
Isi through its militants has become more active to create chaos specially in the larger cities to legitimize the revolution for this they went on a mix of target killing and snipping rampage it turned out to be quite useful for their cause Punjabi Taliban in the form of rangers went out in Karachi streets on a snipping adventure as Karachi bled they earned the rights of being deployed in the largest city of Pakistan.Where now they go in the areas where some Pushtoons who had fled from Taliban and military from Fata, and some Mqm indigenous workers and common liberal resisting citizens specially journalists who failed to understand the holy cause of terrorism are rounded to death.
 Mr. Interior Minister Rahman Malik an ISI tool who at the time of killing of Benazir fled win her stand by car along with some military personel, blessed these Punjabi Taliban in uniform with the “righ to shoot on the spot and arrest”.
In pakistan shoot means shoot on  head…and  arrest means detention of isi which is a death sentence for a person who stands against terrorism.
Mr. interior Minister Rahman malik did not forget to use this situation to the advantage of his brothers and declared that the arms used in Karachi violence are made in israeal.
So bloody ISI led Pakistan is all set for a bloody revolution ….A revolution one of its own kind when terrorist would attack the innocent citizens in the garb of mitigating corruption and the corrupts.
Then the turboned and the filthy bearded would be all around to control and enslave the better people.Foot terrorists would be unleashed in the form of Scouts on the innocent people of Pakistan to control them according them according to Wahhabi self created version of Islam.
After the the successful revolutions turned in to Alqaida governments in Egypt and Tunisia Libya, Pakistan establishment has accelerated its efforts to do the same.
Following the Egypt  Libya and Syria  model Pakistan ISI is all set to stage revolution with a large number of terrorists organizations and large number of politicians who are ready to dance to the tunes of chief justice Iftikhar Chaudri who would sing the song of army and dispose of elected Govt of Zardari.
This time Pak judiciary would play significant role to bring the isi approved Govt in power.
There would be two sets of politicians in the future Pakistan Imran khan and the company and likes of him, Nawaz shareef etc they will be on the front line Imran khan is the hand picked prime minister of Pakistan.
He and the likes of him would play slightly liberal and would extend a hand of friendship to America but (according to the plan) would be greatly opposed by the PDC headed by Hafiz Saeed , herds of terrorists and supposedly by the people of Pakistan
The selected prime minister would tell the world that they are compelled to take radical decisions because of the people of Pakistan
Pak Defence council
PDC is a bunch of terrorists who now hold rallies in favour of Pak army head of jammate dawa Hafiz saeed is this time on the front line.

In the new set up the role of all the players is already decided like
 Egyptian army pak army will play bit liberal. imposed prime minister Imran khan led Govt will play moderate liberal PDC will play angry and aggressive very strict religious patriots foot terroristsand would play angry and aggressive Pakistanis and would veto their liberal decisions.
Terrorists  playing angry and aggressive  would keep on
attacking the liberals till and beyond their demands are met

Gone are the days when Army was comparatively simple minded they would do harm and would be blamed for it
Now army of the muslim world will play more aggressively by its selected politicians judiciary heads and their cache of terroists.This would be the worse form of democracy,a Democursy
–A tsunami of militant Democursy-
Army is putting its eggs in many baskets. It’s a tool bag of army it has puppet politicians Imran khan Nawaz shareef Sheikh Rasheed Mahmood shah qureshi it has hard line extremists religious politicians it has different terrorists leaders etc and loads of terrorists.It has its own media brigade whipping up religious passions against countries like USA, India and Israel.
Military is prepared to bring JuD into mainstream politics. if things went on unchecked in near future heads of alqaida and Taliban would be in the Government..
Thanks to the wise America which every now and then tries to make peace with the Taliban it has clearly provided Muslim armies with the excuse of taking terrorists on board.
If Joe Biden can say that Taliban are not our enemy tomorrow Pakistan would announce Al-Qaida is not our enemy.

Egyptian revolution a giant leap towards khilafat

There are people who think that Tunisian revolution was triggered
 by the self-immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi …….well unfortunately in Egypt Yamen and Pakistan we have thousands of such bouzazies but why this particular bouzaazi was given so much attention because the revolution was already planned and ready to be launched bouzazi suicide was used to give it a spicy and acidic effect as in the western world celebrating parties or some occasion is started by opening the bottles of soda wine.
By the way atleast since last five years a constructive and well led campaign was carried on with a 100 percent support of the army of Egypt and Egypt was on the way to this revolution since last many years
President Hosani Mubarak was always on the same page with his army it was him who worked hard to make Americans believe how much aid was needed for the Egyptian army it was him who gave a tacit approval for tarnishing the image of America it was him who told the west that he is the only protector of them against the rising alqaida but actually was doing everything to organize and support them it was him who knew that his time was over and why not to dramatize it and revolutionize it
A Pakistani proverb would fit here …..Dig a mountain only to find a rat … much happened millions of people came out so many lives wasted only to protest against one person was he solely responsible for all the agonies and problems faced by Egypt …what about the mighty army were they not part of the Government the truth is army was, and army is always all in all.
People of Egypt were deceived in to democracy liberty and social reforms and all this was propagated\and since last many years

Hosani Mubarak who himself took over Egypt was an army General and was actually protected by the army he ruled over the country for decades with the help of army yet the poor police was blamed to help his oppressive regime go on is a joke …
Pakistan and the police of all autoimmune Islamic countries is there to be blamed to save the ugly face of army and security forces and later this so called notorious department would be replaced by the religious police ….Saudi Arabia model.
Before the people of Egypt actually gathered on the Tahrir square they had their share of brain wash and a good dose of anti-Americanism and islamizationby by none other but zaid Hamid the Defence analysit of Pakistan who is heavily paid by Pakistan army for his revolutionary speeches.the communication cooperation and coordination between the armies of Saudia Yamen Pakistan and Egypt is beyond the imagination and comprehension of the west. It Hizbe utTahrir The God father of Alqaida.

Everyone there was inspired by Zaid Hamid and his revolutionary speech at the Cairo University where he apparently was speaking to the only 10 Pakistanis studying there but actually spoke to the entire youth of Egypt. “Pakistan is the cause. Pakistan is us. We will destroy Bharat. The Muslim Brotherhood will come together and you will see that Pakistan will rise again. I am in Egypt right now but even this is Pakistan for me. Why? Because I love it. And we will destroy India and Israel with our nuclear weapons and we would be together.

Egyptians kissing the baner of zaid hamid the defence analyist of pakistan.In the 2nd Photo Zaid Hamid with Egyptian flag

Zaid Hamid’s speech was recorded on cell phones and spread via MMS and everyone in Egypt was watching it . It couldn’t be stopped. Even the cellular companies in Egypt were thanking him for boosting their businesses.
Egyptian army knew that they should deceive Egyptians in the name of liberty democracy and social and economic reforms otherwise people will not come out and moreover It would have been far easier for the West to take a negative stand if the protests had been mounted in the name of fundamentalist Islam rather than in pursuit of elementary political and economic change
Mubarak has enough sympathizers within the new setup after all the military council is headed by none other but by his own former Defense minister and confidant Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi … all these people came out only to depose one dying man only to hand over the command to his own next General …….what a drama what a Stage.well done army
Now what would happen the talk for the democracy would slowly and gradually go into the background an organized movement would start against the current justice system so that Islamic sharia should be imposed.
The talk of the Islamic sharia will take over no one from Mubarak regime would face a real problem except some cosmetic punishments and and so called actions taken against them more or less the same faces minus the old horse (Mubarak)would somehow remain in to power
Muslim brotherhood the terrorists of yesterday would be in the Government

More and more militancy would be encouraged in the country to ask for more and more aid The most wise ……”Americans” would be mobilized to pour more and more funds to counter the militants and to start a new era of friendship with who so ever be appointed in to power by the army …..And the vicious circle of terrorism would be transformed and evolved in to a never ending one.

By November 2011 the Egyptians realized that their revolution has been hijacked by the army they were simply used in the start of The year to give legitimacy to Muslim brotherhood and by the end of the year Military was all set to empower Muslim brother hood which will add to the miseries of Egyptian nation.  They made their way to Tahrir square but this time military was against them According to BBC TV women were being sexually harassed in the crowds to discourage them from participation.

According to Dawn report young women participants are arrested taken to detention centers and raped. After the complaints from the affected women Military council decided to take arrested women for virginity test before they are taken to detention centers and later the shameless Generals announced that they were not found to be virgins.... What a slap on Human rights.

These are all the dirty tricks of Islamic military intelligence. Why this is happening to them now why there were not such complaints in the first rising when the military stood by the crowds.

We need to start


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